A Short Intro Into Digital Christmas Trends

It’s that time of the year when us in the events industry turn our attention to Christmas. You’ve probably already started and if the types of enquiries that we’ve been experiencing at Londonlaunch are anything to go by then certainly, our end users (your clients) have definitely already started (to think about Christmas). In fact, if you dig a little deeper and look at industry statistics with regards ‘Christmas party’* searches on the web, you’ll find that Christmas searches have been steadily building for some time now. Interestingly futureistic Christmas venues has been a high scoring search trend (food for thought). Those searches don’t really reach any significant volume until August and it’s clear that August is a month that whilst for many it’s a time of taking a well earned break (the calm before the storm), for others, it’s a key planning time for their office Christmas celebration. 

September remains THE key month in terms of searches and it indicates a clear pattern of people returning from holiday, summer being over and the serious business of planning the Christmas party starts in earnest. Of course, for the larger companies and where a sizeable gathering is needed, many Christmas party (venues) have already been booked but that’s not the majority. In fact, if search is anything to go by, it’s the minority. Most companies will be holding on to their budgets and making relatively late decisions with regards the type, size and make-up of their Christmas party. September is the biggest month with regards search but October and November are the 2nd and 3rd months respectively. So, in summary: It’s all kicking off NOW, literally. 

Londonlaunch is on top of all these data trends as you’d expect, so we’re placing a major focus on Christmas from now. If you’d like to know what we’re doing and how to tap into that market then please do contact us, let us know what you’ve got planned and we can get you in front of these planners and help you grab a slice of the biggest cake in town. 

* ‘Christmas Party’ is a broad term but actually represents a larger (wider) range of Christmas related searches covering a large variety of specific searches. The list of associated terms is too broad to name in the context of this blog. 

On another note and for a bit more post Brexit, economic doom and gloom and recession based intelligence: We haven’t noticed a major change in trends over the past few months compared to recent years, implying little or no impact on the events industry.....yet!

In due course we expect the economy to have some sort of impact on the events industry (not all negative I hasten to add) and of course, we’ll continue to monitor this and provide regular feedback. These monthly blogs will aim to keep you informed of any trends and significant changes in the world of search......and digital....and events - just one of the many benefits of being a member of Londonlaunch. Good luck with your Christmas promotion plans everyone, let us know if you need any help and or further insight.