6 tips for pop-up success

6 tips for pop-up success

Pop-ups are breaking into the corporate events market. Make sure you know how to run a successful pop-up event with Christabel's top tips for success.


1) Stand out from the crowd

It is essential to stand out - there are so many pop ups out there that ‘difference’ is integral to achieving success.


2) Choose a unique venue

Sourcing an exciting space is key. Anyone can go to a restaurant/cafe - however being a pop up you have to be memorable. My advice would be to either host your event in your home where it becomes a personal, one off, interesting experience or in a unique space, that is dead set to create a ‘wow’ factor. I curate my events in either my home or in a host of unique venues, including a warehouse, an old victorian loft, a theatre, an artists studio & a village hall in Norfolk which I transformed into something very special.


3) Pay attention to detail

Attention to detail is key in terms of creating a one-off experience. Make sure you think about the very small things as these are often what people pick up on. At my Secret Garden Lunches & Suppers and my Mad Hatters Brunches I hand paint my menu cards and have really cool cutlery - whole reviews have been based around these details!


4) Leave nothing to chance

Organisation and being on top of your pop up is crucial. Leave plenty of time to organise your event and go over it all with a fine tooth comb, leave NOTHING to chance. Draw up detailed lists. Mis-timings can lead to a catastrophe and - remember - you are only as good as your last meal!


5) Get the service right

Service is KEY. Make sure you train up your staff to ensure that the service is impeccable and everything flows. There is nothing more boring than waiting for your course when everyone else around you has been served. Delicious food and awful service are a recipe for an unsuccessful event.


6) Plan your menus well

Take time to think of an exciting, unusual menu, and mix it up so that you remain appealing to returning customers.


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