8 fabulous private jet journeys

8 fabulous private jet journeys

Private jets can be a cost-effective and fabulously luxurious way to travel. Read amazing case studies and find out how to book yourself a private jet.

Londonlaunch -accreditationLondonlaunch-accredited private jet company Air Partner has three main client segments - governments, corporates and high net worth individuals.  Whether a flight is for business or pleasure, flexible private aviation is highly efficient when the cost of time is factored in. In some cases flying private can be cheaper than flying by scheduled carriers, when undertaking multi-stop trips, for example. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in different European cities and home to bed in a day – no hotel overnights and none of the frustrations of commercial travel.


Plane 300x 2001. A VIP flight into the Himalayas

Close liaison with the Pakistan Air Force was essential when two British VIPs flew into Skardu, the tiny Himalayan airport nestling in the world’s narrowest airliner-accessible valley. So too was the need to engage only the most experienced of pilots to operate the Airbus A319 VIP flight. 

2. SOS for a CEO

When an important CEO just HAD to be in Brussels for a 10am meeting but missed his scheduled flight and was still in Switzerland at 07.30, Air Partner’s Zurich team received a desperate SOS. Less than an hour later, the client was on his way in a Citation Bravo executive jet and made the meeting in time.

3. Pop star lands in time for son's birth

Air Partner was sent “respect and big love” when the lead singer with a chart topping band decided chartering was the only option if he wanted to be at the imminent birth of his first child. He flew from Germany to Birmingham overnight on a Learjet and arrived three hours before his son was born. If he had caught the first possible scheduled flight he would have arrived 12 hours too late.

4. Red roses to the doorstep

One wealthy client chartered a helicopter to fly 58 red roses from Athens to his ladylove on an island retreat on nearby Porto Heli, and requested they be hand delivered by the pilot. Another client chartered a Beech King Air 200 to fly his daughter’s wedding dress from Paris to London.

5. Volcano watching

A Challenger 601 was chartered to fly a group of 11 from Nice to Sicily for a spot of active Mount Etna volcano watching. Constant liaison with authorities at Catania airport was necessary as changing wind speeds and ash deposits were monitored. A back-up plan to divert to Palermo airport was prepared but proved unnecessary.

6. Chartering the entire fleet!

When a client used private jets to fly 121 incentive passengers from Miami to Costa Rica, Air Partner USA chartered one American operator’s entire fleet of Lear and Challenger jets and secured permission to temporarily section off part of Miami and San José airports for exclusive use by the 13 aircraft. All passengers were top managers from a major worldwide corporation.

7. Follow the eclipse from the sky

Considering that the next total eclipse of the sun over Britain is in 2090, obtaining a bird’s eye view of the 1999 event was paramount for one group of clients. A pressurised aircraft was secured and guests viewed the event in all its glory above the clouds – unlike disappointed compatriots in unpressurised air taxis chartered through competitors. The aircraft cruised at 29,000 feet and followed the line of the eclipse as it moved across Europe, frequently banking to provide the best possible views. Passengers included Lady Boyd, director of Greenwich Royal Observatory at the time, who commented: “On the good advice of our personal Air Partner account manager, our plans were changed several times... and the trip was absolutely brilliant.” 

8. Films and live TV

Private jets chartered through Air Partner are often used in films. For one particular TV programme shown nationwide in the UK, analysts co-ordinated flights between Southampton, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Belfast and Luton, and arranged airside and landside filming consent. One flew on the aircraft to provide operational assistance and relay update bulletins to HQ where arrival times and clearances were being coordinated. It was a hectic day with a tight schedule dictated by the demands of live television.


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