Burn's Night Celebrations!

Burn's Night Celebrations!

Traditionally ‘Burns Night Suppers’ are held all over the UK on or around the 25th January to celebrate the life of Robert Burns. With 2015 marking the 212th Anniversary of the Burns Night we celebrate today, ThinkersLive share their tips to ensure your celebration of the life and work of The Bard is one to remember! 

Robert Burns was the first person to be pasted onto a dedicatory bottle of Coca-Cola EVER, and that’s why we all get together to eat Haggis each year and celebrate him… right? 

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Ok, not quite. However, the first bit is true. As leaders in the entertainment and events industry, we thought it would only be right to put together a few tips and ideas for you to transform your Burns Night party from burn out to red hot.

The traditional format for a Burns Night celebration begins with the ‘Piping in of Guests’. It is customary to have a piper to welcome your guests. Traditional Bagpipes are made up of a reed, bag and a pipe. No prizes for those who can work out how they came up with the name, right? 

If you’d like to add that extra hype pipe to your event (sorry) then we’ve got the perfect pipers for you. Simply click here and pop PIPE in the subject box and tell us a little about your event and we will get back to you with a quote!

Another tradition it’s important you don’t leave out is the ‘piping in’ of your haggis. That’s right, you’ve got to stand and welcome the haggis...

Haggis burns nightNow, if you’re anything like us and would like to do something a little different then why not try making Haggis and Beer Toasties. Blogger Andy has come up with one hell of a recipe and it’s sure to add a unique aspect to your Burns Night evening. 

A few other ‘out of the box’ food ideas are Whiskey Prawns, Vennison Carpaccio and Smoked Salmon Oat Pancakes

Last but certainly not least, at Burns Night evenings there should always be an entertainer...

More often than not, this will be a singer performing Burns songs such as ‘My Luve is Like a Red Red Rose’. If you’d like to hire a singer straight from London’s West End stage for your Burns Night event then you’re in the right place.

As entertainment experts, we sure know how to put together an arrangement for any event and Burns Night has been no different. 

Simply click here and put SONGS in the subject line and tell us a few details about your event and we’ll give you a quote for a singer (or singers!) for the occasion. We can even put together a bespoke arrangement for your event, after all that is what we do best.

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