Catering for Google House

Catering for Google House

What do people eat in the Google House? Purple Grape served up a fabulous themed menu to keep the Google House-guests fed and watered in style. And their clever foodie-finale took Twitter by storm...  

Today’s events have to deliver an experience your guests will remember. But how do you deliver a memorable, experiential event and still come in within budget? Theming the food and drink is a great way to add special little touches that enhance the feel of the event, reflect the brand and provide a talking point.

The Google House (#googlehouse) showcased how Google technology can be used within the home and, to deliver a truly welcoming ‘home experience’, they wanted to serve fabulous food and drink for their house guests. Enter Purple Grape... We created and served food and drink that reflected Google’s innovative and modern brand, as guests walked through the house they tucked into delicious, well-designed food in every room.

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In the Hub Room we created an innovative food buffet serving different foods throughout the day. For breakfast, guests enjoyed bircher muesli shots in small kilner jars and mini buttermilk pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup. During the afternoon we served homely delights such as mini pork and apple sausage rolls together with fun jigsaw-shaped salmon sandwiches.

In the Demo Room we served wasabi and ginger savoury popcorn, in the Fashion Room the guests got a super, indulgent boost with little bottles of chilled Moroccan mint and camomile tea as well as tasting the floral and beautifully ornate rose water macaroons. The family teens lucked out with treats of Monster Munch, Haribo and Rocky Road squares. Throughout the house we completed the “food points” with signs that said ‘eat me’ or ‘drink me’ – to add a playful element to the event and ensure guests realised they really were for eating!

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The icing on the Google House experience were the fabulous little individual gingerbread houses which we designed and served on the edge of hot chocolate cups. They became a real talking point and led to an explosion of little “google houses” on twitter!

Food and drink can be an extremely effective and fabulous talking point if its planned and not just seen as a last minute “add on”. You are paying for this service so always think how catering can be designed to be a part of your guest experience. It will deliver commercial value and, importantly, give your guests, bloggers and “tweeters” a memorable event which is truly worth talking about.

By Purple Grape

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