Collect valuable data at your events

Collect valuable data at your events

Encourage social media sharing and collect valuable data at your events with a fun, interactive solution from iboothme.

This case study demonstrates the increase in social media traffic generated from a 10 day event through the use of iboothme:


This 10 day event was organised to promote Ferrero Rocher chocolates in The Dubai Mall. It was Ferrero Rocher's first event in the UAE. They asked iboothme to create a unique iboothme to enhance product awareness. The iboothme creation team came up with a unique retro model which had clients queuing up to snap their pictures and win a Ferrero Rocher 20 carat gold!


Ferrero Rocher wanted something unique to impress their customers. They created a 12 meter high replica of Burj Khalifa built out of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, creating a buzz across the UAE.


Ferrero Rocher tower for iboothmeIn 10 days, iboothme delivered the following results and collected the following data:

- more that 3,000 pictures were taken using iboothme

- 1,000 instantly shared on Facebook

- 500 shared on Twitter

- 6,000 new likes were received on Facebook

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