Costumes, surprises and personal touches

Costumes, surprises and personal touches

- Working in logos, colour schemes and other bits of branding is always a nice touch and it’s generally pretty easy to do.


· Going the extra mile with costumes really makes a huge difference when it comes to entertainment. If you’re planning an event with a theme, costumes can be a great way to bring a disparate group of acts together and give your entertainment a sense of cohesion. We recently costumed a number of performers for an Alice in Wonderland Event with a Cyr Wheeling Cheshire Cat, Strolling Trio of Mad Hatters and an Alice themed contortion show. The performances didn’t need to be changed all that much but the visual touches made all the difference.

Alice -in -wonderland -event -theme


· Surprises and twists on the usual events formula can really make an event stand out – by now everyone’s seen the Singing Waiters, what they’ve probably not seen is break dancing, free running or beat boxing waiters. Take parts of the event that people are used to – speeches, drinks, guided tours etc – and put a twist on them. Events are full of opportunities to do this; have costumed characters lead guests through the venue, announce dinner with aerial hoop artistes – it’s these little touches that really liven up an event.  

· Personal touches – performers are generally happy to work a few in-jokes into their acts; that could be changing the lyrics to a song, projecting Digital Caricatures of guests onto plasma screens, incorporating people’s names into magic acts etc. It makes an event feel spontaneous and unique rather than a boilerplate menu of entertainment. Irish Comedy Rap duo Abandoman are particularly great at this kind of thing, mixing these personal touches with an astonishing flair for improvisation – take a look at them in action here.  

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