Five Team Building Ideas

Five Team Building Ideas

We know it can be difficult to keep employees engaged and motivated all year round. What’s needed is a fresh approach to team building and employee motivation techniques… 

Shake things up and revitalise the office with our top five employee engagement ideas:



1) Explore the Great Indoors


You can never rely on British summertime to provide clear skies and sunshine, so our indoor event options are the perfect safety net. Our range of challenges will see you exploring world class museums, hotels and exciting venues all whilst keeping dry and staying out of the cold! With over 10 themes to choose from including Around The World, Tribal Instincts, The Pitch and Venue Explorer – we have something to suit everybody.



2) Release your inner spy


Shake things up and boost motivation with our sleuth testing Spy School challenge. You may never rappel through a window or disarm your enemy with a swift wrist movement, but you can channel your inner Bond with cryptic messages, secret codes and covert missions – all of which feature in our exciting team event. An eye for detail, a magnificent memory and a competitive streak is what’s required of teams and their fellow spies.


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3) Get Tribal


From improving morale and creativity to building relationships, leaders are beginning to understand the value of a transparent and connected workplace. Did you know that it’s estimated that engaged workers can boost your bottom line by 20 percent? With that in mind, our Tribal Instincts challenge combines fun and interactive team tasks with unique challenges and learnings to encourage teams to understand the importance of collaboration. A perfect solution for companies going through a department restructure, large organisations with multiple office locations or to facilitate learning & development objectives.


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4) Get to know your favourite city from the comfort of a taxi


We know this may sound a little strange, but we’re all about the wacky ideas here at Wildgoose. Our Black Taxi challenge is a great way to explore your favourite city with the company of your very own knowledgeable cabbie. This exciting team building activity allows you to navigate your way around a number of pre-set hotspots (without the need for too much walking!) whilst taking in the sights, unearthing interesting facts, answering questions, completing tasks and tapping into your most creative side to complete photo and video challenges.


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5) Street Olympics


There’s no better time to get fit than now. Right? That’s what we keep telling ourselves! Why not ease yourself into that super intensive exercise regime - that we know you’ll start next Monday - with our Street Olympics challenge! A great team event to kick start the summer bod – get pulses racing and try something new. No need to don your gym kit… All that’s required is a desire to win and have fun! City streets, parks and venues are all brimming with potential for fun tasks that will see teams re-enacting great sporting moments, answering sporting questions and completing against the clock challenges!


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