Giant Interactive Christmas Tree

Giant Interactive Christmas Tree

Fisher Productions help light up Terminal 2 with London’s biggest interactive Christmas tree 

Heathrow and Fisher Productions are delighted to be working together to bring some other cool Christmas ideas and magic to travellers over the Christmas period at the fantastic Terminal 2: The Queens Terminal. 

Building on Terminal 2’s vision, in conjunction with Heathrow, The Fisher team have designed and installed a giant vinyl Christmas tree which stands over 90ft high in the covered courtyard to T2, close to the Slipstream sculpture by renowned British artist Richard Wilson. 

Fisher designers have given the tree a vintage feel, reminiscent of the Christmas trees the Queen would have enjoyed as a child, topped with a replica of her iconic coronation crown. 

Fisher have added an interactive touch to this traditional looking tree, overlaying it with  festoons of lights that can be triggered to flash and dance by passengers who  tweet Christmas greetings to #T2Christmas. After dark the tree will come alive with a gentle wash of light giving it an enchanting glow.
Friends and colleagues of the terminal attended a short ceremony, when Heathrow’s COO Normand Boivin launched the lights with the first tweet. The tree will be in situ until 12th night (6th January) allowing hundreds of thousands of passengers to enjoy it. An advertising campaign will run around the terminal to encourage passengers to visit the tree and tweet.


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For further information:

Please contact Nikki Causer Head of Marketing at Fisher Productions on 020 8871 1978 or email

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