Healthy team events

Healthy team events

Great health-focussed team events to help build staff loyalty and wellbeing without breaking the budget.

Media coverage continues to report a prolonged recovery plus the risk of medium term interest rate rises. As a result many corporates have resolved to keep a tight control on staff costs for 2014. With limited ability to reward employees through bonuses and pay rises how can companies keep staff motivated and loyal to their company without increasing staff costs?

City bonuses and lavish expense accounts have come under considerable scrutiny for the last 5 years and extravagant rewards now seem more fitting in the Wolf of Wall Street era than London’s Square Mile. The very best of modern corporates now focus on maximising employees’ productivity and team cohesion which walks hand in hand with improving employee health and wellbeing. PwC’s 2013 report estimated the cost of sick days for UK employers at £29 billion per year. For many smaller businesses private healthcare is an unaffordable increase to staff costs, but there are a number of alternatives to build health awareness across an organisation without materially increasing staff remuneration. These alternatives can build a strong team ethos and allow staff to be more productive while at work.

De Stress at Your Desk

This makes for a fun team building event and a perfect complement to any Corporate Wellbeing Programme. 

The package includes:

  • A 15 minute chair massage from a MILK Beauty massage therapist. This massage focuses on ironing out tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back and is performed over clothes, without the use of oil.

  • A 60 minute ‘Board Room Yoga’ class with Stretching the City, including stress-busting breathing techniques and practical yoga postures that can be practiced at your desk anytime, even in work attire if need be.

Cost: £240 for up to 12 participants. £20 extra for each additional participant exceeding 12.

Thinking Beyond After Work Drinks

After work drinks and team nights out on the company have been the traditional way to reward city workers, but as the working day becomes more flexible and parents chose to split their working day, logging back on after children are in bed, expecting your team to drink together after work as a reward seems ever more out-dated.

As employees work increasingly to the remit of their role rather than their contractual hours, team building events during the office working day are becoming more popular. An onsite event is an economical way to reward your team without interrupting the normal course of business, asking employees to source additional childcare, travel far or make up lost work hours in their own time. Furthermore, an onsite event is a perfect opportunity to inject some health and wellbeing time into the working day.

On Site Massage, Yoga and Much More

Onsite massage is a fantastic way to inject some relaxation into the working day. Booking a mobile massage company means your team can enjoy a tension busting massage while wearing their office attire and all you need is a small meeting room space. Another fun idea is Board Room Yoga (offered as part of MILK Beauty’s De Stress at Your Desk package). The yoga session is tailored to an office environment and work wear and is suitable for all levels of experience, focussing on breathing and stretching techniques. If you want to extend the team day, why not couple a massage and yoga package with a talk from a nutritionist or a sleep expert?

Another option which makes for a fun and relaxing event, is a pop up nail bar or pampering salon (see MILK Beauty’s website for inspiration) where staff can select from a menu of treatments, so there’s something to suit everyone.

Organising health orientated team events instead of the traditional Thursday night bar tab promotes a culture of health and fitness in your team, encourages non drinkers and those with childcare commitments to participate in team building and mirrors the culture and values of a modern UK corporate.  

Guest blog by Lucy Patterson, MILK Beauty
London’s Mobile Massage and Beauty Service

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