iboothme at Marc Jacobs product launch

Using photobooths at corporate events is a great way to collect useful data on your potential clients and customers.

iboothme at Marc Jacobs product launch

The Event

Marc Jacobs launched their new collection in Abu Dhabi and selected iboothme to create an unforgettable experience for all their clients. The colorful classy event, The MBMJ’s Tulip Festival, was the talk of the week across social media for the fashion bloggers and fashionistas thanks to iboothme unique tulip!


The goal of Marc Jacobs was to maximize customer interaction with the brand and gather data to be used for future marketing campaigns. They wanted an iboothme tailored to their brand and new collection, hence the tulip shape.


In two days iboothme:

- Collected 1,300 emails
- Snapped more that 1,240 pictures
- 870 instantly shared on Facebook
- 570 shared on Twitter.

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