Introducing...The Satellites

Introducing...The Satellites

The Satellites are a different proposition to most of the bands you come across in the corporate sector of entertainment. 

Another contrived sales pitch?

Far from it…. It is true for a very simple reason, namely that the Satellites do not "live" in the world of corporate entertainment. We are out there in the world of major tours with household names, delivering great shows to music fans all over the planet. As a result, when we bring what we do to your event, it is delivered with a freshness, a power and an enthusiasm which has earned us a glowing reputation amongst our growing corporate client base.

Horn -Section -1

Since 1999 we have been very closely associated with Tony Hadley, Spandau Ballet's former frontman, and a true force of nature.

We are a 10/11 piece band featuring Phil Taylor, Phil Williams, Tim Bye, Richie Barrett, Lily Gonzalez and Simon Willescroft, together with brass players and backing vocals (in some cases we can perform as a smaller band).

Tony -hadley -satellites

Tony Hadley, Phil Taylor and Phil Williams

This has brought lots of advantages to the band…continuity, a great team spirit, the highest professional standards…and, vitally, an expectation on our part that WE should enjoy the show too!

In our "event entertainment" mode, The Satellites attract the best vocalists around; we're currently using, amongst others, Dawn Joseph (Brand New Heavies), Angie Brown and Tasita D'Mour, plus Richard Oliver and Mick Wilson (long term member of 10CC). 

Satellites -onstage -2

The Satellites on stage

It is quite common also for us to be the "house band"  on events for a variety of name artists with whom we have a lot of history, such as Tony, Rick Astley, ABC, Go West and so on.

Aside from the quality of our own vocalists, having three on each show gives us a huge palette of material to choose from, and, yes, you're right, does not make us the cheapest option on the table for your event.

If cost is the deciding factor, The Satellites are not in the game. Our view is that we do not compromise out in the world of touring, in doing what it takes to make things sound right, so why compromise in the corporate world? 

Onstage -with -Tony -H-3

On stage with Tony Hadley

It is precisely our uncompromising approach which appeals to new clients and makes us firm favourites with established ones. All the way down the line this ethos benefits the client and the event itself, as we, the band's "player-managers" attend pre-production / planning meetings, make site visits, engage with the client well ahead of the event on all aspects of the presentation, format and content of our performance.

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