It's all about salads and cocktails

It's all about salads and cocktails

Salads and cocktails are in HOT demand! Christabel, the creator of CHRISTABEL’S, shares her top 5 salad recipes - with matching cocktails.  

"Mixing fruit & veg in a salad is on trend this season" says Christabel. 

"My concoctions are simple, yet innovative. Flavours sign for themselves, so there is no need to tamper too much, in fact it is a mistake to do so. Experimentation, however, is KEY to originality. Similarly with cocktails - stay traditional, but add a twist - an unexpected ingredient."

HOT TIP - Go to a market and pick up a combination of your favorite fruit & veg. Mix them together and then add a punchy dressing. For instance mango is my favorite fruit, and avocado is my favourite veg - mixed together they are sensational - with the chilli dressing giving serious zing.

Here are my top five cocktail-salad combinations to set any Summer party alight!

1. Endive, Stilton & Apple Salad with a Passion Fruit Honey Dressing 

- Passion Fruit Martini

2. Watermelon, Caramelised Cashew, Mint & Black Olive Salad

- Watermelon & Mint Margarita

3. Papaya, Bacon & Feta Salad

- Thyme Fizz

4. Crispy Pancetta, Pumpkin Seed & Pomegranate Salad

- Pomegranate Daiquiri

5. Mango, Avocado & Chilli Salad

- Chili & Mango Mojito

Push the boundaries - its exciting…!


CHRISTABEL has launched her ‘Botanical Cocktail Bar’ featuring traditional cocktails - with a twist. It's a work of art on wheels - even having its very own herb garden!

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