Shooting at West Wycombe Park

Shooting at West Wycombe Park

We interviewed Rob Fenwick, MD of West Wycombe Park, to find out why shooting is the coolest kid on the block for Corporate Entertainment. Get the low-down on what to expect on a shooting day out. 

What’s so appealing about shooting?

Everyone can do it with little experience. It’s very satisfying and great fun.


Why shooting, not go-karting?

There are a million reasons why…the games are not as bad, it’s not so macho & you don’t get hurt. It is much more sociable and ladies really enjoy it.


What makes it a great day out?

Being out in the fresh air. It’s a really friendly sport and everyone can compete against each other.


Is it universally appealing for men and women?

100%. And more than any other sport. Fat, thin, young, old, tall, short – it suits everyone.


Can anyone do it?Do you need an existing skill?

Anyone can do it!  Usually complete novices are really good as we teach good discipline right from the start.


Why do your corporate clients love it so much and keep coming back for more?

It is very addictive. We have a lovely setting and everyone here is very friendly and professional. Couple all this with the above and you have a winning formula.


What does a typical corporate day involve?

West -wycombe -lady -shooting 215x 162Hosted - in the hands of the events team, start the day with some breakfast and a warm welcome, spend some time networking with your colleagues or guests and then the fun starts!

The day will commence with an introduction and plan of the day plus any health and safety necessities.  Depending on whether our clients are spending a half day or full day with us, we provide them with a variety of activities including the clay shooting, but the days often include archery, off-road driving, Segways or indoor activities like plate spinning or sushi classes.  The idea is that our clients come here to enjoy themselves and relax and we make that happen for them. 


It sounds expensive – is it?

Not really. It starts at £38 and goes up to £500 for an amazing day at a stately home. Everything included.


Do you get involved in the instruction?

Yes, but more on the supporting side, out in the field on game days. I have a team of world class instructors at the shooting ground so I leave it to the professionals now! Our Chief Instructor is competing at the moment in South Africa and he has just won the World Compak Championships shooting 198 out of 200!


How good are you?

Ex-European Side-by-Side champion, The Field’s Top 75 Game Shots, Captain of the BUSA winning team for 4 years... Not bad!


What’s the ultimate high-end day out you can provide? Blenheim Palace do a Bond experience with the option of a Rolex Watch in the goody-bag. Engraved guns?

One of my favourites that we offer is be the West Wycombe Simulated Clay Day, the full game shooting experience just without the feathers.

Being chauffeured around in Range Rovers, with elevenses in the Ice house and lunch in the main house – all cooked for you by The Ledbury! Krug Champagne, stunning wines, 5 course Michelin star lunch – Brilliant!


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About Rob Fenwick

A farmer’s son from North Yorkshire and a passionate shooting and countryman. Rob is highly regarded as one of the top 75 game shots by The Field Magazine, and his experience in clay shooting as ex European Side by Side Champion, captain and member of the winning British University Championships team makes him extremely accurate in his own right. Rob has been with E.J.Churchill for over 12 years and is passionate about service and works tirelessly on making sure that we stay at the very head of the field in everything that we do.