The Big 2015 - The year that pop up dining experiences will explode

The Big 2015 - The year that pop up dining experiences will explode

2015 will see the start of some showstopping events for CHRISTABELS. 2015 is the year to heighten and enliven your senses with totally new culinary experiences. Experiences that you just could not imaging having - with food - until now.  

CHRISTABEL'S  'Edible Playground' will be a chance to get nostalgic and childish - think colouring in, building sandcastles and playing Jenga - but what's more - you can EAT them! 

This is only the start of what 2015 has in store for CHRISTABELS and their conceptual events. 'Dirty Detox Cocktails' will kick off January with a bang - kissing goodbye to those festive blues. Here, CHRISTABEL'S bar will be the focal point with its in built herb garden. The cocktails will be indulgent, whilst at the same time super healthy - CHRISTABEL'S mixologist will explain each cocktails health benefits which come through in theIR homemade herbal syrups - EXCITING!  

CHRISTABEL'S will be launching a high tea in wonder, wonder - land. Fancy that? An immersive experience of sparkly spoons, giant flowers, life sized playing cards - and weird and wonderful concoctions - try pink egg & cress sandwiches and sequin salted caramel popcorn - WOW! 

Stay tuned for more weird and wonderful adventures….  


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