Theme your catering

Theme your catering

Today’s events aren’t just about being 'an event' – it now needs to be an experience your guests will remember.


It is easy to add small, special touches that will enhance the feel of your event and reflect the brand when appropriate. For example if there is a specific theme to the event why not get the staff to dress up to create a more credible and fun experience?



Zombie -staff -purple -grape

Photo: Zombie staff

The food and drink at an event is also a great way to carry through branding and themes by adding simple touches such as brand coloured trays or even flavours within the food if this relates to the theme or even a product such as a perfume.

Even with simple touches as serving the drinks in statement glassware or even a coconut shell instead of a glass for a Caribbean themed events will add that extra creative touch. 

Purple -grape -drink 

Photo: Cocktails served in coconut shells

Next week...find out how Purple Grape decorated the Google House!


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