Tony Hadley's band - The Satellites

Tony Hadley's band - The Satellites

In the Summer of 2013, the team that is The Satellites have been brought in on numerous large festivals as a trusted "house band" to back a whole range of artists across the whole 80's spectrum. Rick Astley, Go West and ABC were mentioned already, but this year we have also worked with Marc Almond, Jimmy Somerville, Midge Ure, T'pau, Heather Small, Roland Gift, Mica Paris, Limahl, Hazel O Connor and Paul Young.

Autumn 2013 saw Tony Hadley's live career go to a new level when he combined us with the 40 piece London Symphonia Orchestra conducted by Anne Dudley on a series of concerts presenting the songs of Spandau Ballet in "band plus orchestra" format. 

These were a great success, selling out at all the UK venues we appeared at, including London's Royal Albert Hall. 

It has to be noted that even the most blase musician (and we're not that blase) cannot fail to be struck by the pomp and significance of performing at the Albert Hall…it is the "cup final" in musical terms.

This orchestral tour then went on to tour Australia, again receiving rave reviews and generating very healthy ticket sales. We played at the Sydney State Theatre, a beautiful Art Deco building not dissimilar in its feel to some of this country's grand old theatres, and went on to play in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Having new challenges put in front of us…such as playing with a large orchestra….has benefitted all of us in The Satellites hugely. It is further proof that having a desire to try new things…break moulds…is always a healthy thing. This does not mean we will start playing Sex Pistols songs in our set (well maybe one), it just means that we come to the table with a client with a "can do" and "will try" attitude.

To you as the client, what does this mean?

1. Well, for a start, you can redesign our set list.

2. You can musically theme it to link with your themed events.

3. On awards and speech-based events you can use us as a "band in residence" as per the Letterman show etc playing short segments and stings to introduce speakers or new phases of the event.

4. Clients can factor the band's preparation into the "story of the event" package, so if there's a DVD (etc) distributed to all involved, it would also feature a visit to us at the rehearsal studio (a very cool famous rock 'n roll location itself!) to show the process of getting the show together.

The people we have invited in  this way have got a lot out of the experience, and on a business practice level it makes sense all round as we can make any necessary changes before the big day.

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