Top 5 Reasons to throw a New Year’s Party

Top 5 Reasons to throw a New Year’s Party

After the busy buildup of the Christmas period, New Year celebrations can often get side-lined, and the thought of a New Year’s Eve Party can seem too ambitious or too strenuous. But with ThinkersLive on hand, there has never been a better reason to throw a New Year’s Party.

Here are their top 5 reasons on why to throw a New Year’s Party this year. 

1)   To Party or not to Party?

It may be true that staying in is the new going out. But staying in at a fabulous event definitely beats staying in watching dodgy TV coverage of fireworks. Not that anyone ever really needs an excuse to throw a party, but if you do then New Year’s Eve is it. Forget the overpriced taxis and the extortionate club entry; specially handcrafted parties are this year’s top pick. Tailor your party needs and enjoy the night.

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2)   London: The Place To Be

There is arguably no better city for throwing parties than London, and no better night for throwing one than New Year’s Eve. However it can be a challenge finding entertainment in London that’s right for you.

Let’s face it, typical options like crowded bars or tiresome dinner parties might not be the best way to see in the New Year. Why not throw a party that you know you’ll enjoy, by handpicking the entertainment and making the evening special for you?  

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3)   Beat the Post-Christmas Blues

That inconvenient week between Christmas and New Year can be a tough one as the holiday hangover kicks in and thoughts of the year to come start to creep in. Don’t let it get you down! Focusing your energy on a memorable New Year’s Party in London will give you something to look forward to and stop you wallowing in the endless supply of mince pies.


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4)   A New Beginning

Whether you’re celebrating the success of the past 12 months or toasting the good fortune of the year to come, December 31st is a significant date in any diary. It’s a chance to commemorate the new chapter ahead, and finding the right entertainment for a New Year’s Party is crucial in setting the evening off right. Start 2015 as you mean to go on with a party you’ll remember all year long.


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5)   A Special Night

New Year’s Eve only happens once a year and, love it or loath it, it is a special reason to celebrate. With their top entertainment offerings, ThinkersLive are here to assist on how to throw a perfect New Year’s Party. Whether you’re looking for unique performance acts or bands for hire in London, this is the year to throw an unforgettable New Year’s Party in London. Go ahead and throw the party you’ve always wanted and ThinkersLive will make sure your night is as special as it deserves to be. 

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