Top Ten Tips for entertainment at events

Top Ten Tips for entertainment at events

Boisdale Entertainment share their secrets for getting event entertainment right on the night. Follow these steps for successful 'eventertainment'!


1. Your checklist of things to consider

An event can make or break reputations, even careers, and entertainment can make or break any event, but often it is not the first thing considered and/or budgeted for. Make sure that you have carefully considered:

  • the purpose of the entertainment
  • the atmosphere
  • the result you want to achieve
  • and take the right professional advice to include the right amount in your budget.


2. Get your budget right

Entertainment is not an exact science and people have widely varying ideas of what it costs. It is indeed a broad variable and a star artiste, depending on calibre and current standing, can cost anything between £25,000 and £1.5m. You can also put on a great show with wonderful music and production for as little as £3,000 for a small but exclusive party. It is always best to make enquiries with a reliable, established supplier before setting your sights on any particular idea or type of entertainment and before setting your budget.


3. Get your concept right

The most memorable events usually owe a lot to the concept or something original and unique about the offering which people remember and can talk about for days, months, even years to come. Coming up with the right concept, idea or theme within a brief and delivering it professionally, within a given budget is a specialist creative expertise and talent. Make sure that you have the right professional team or person, not only to brainstorm with you on the concept and more importantly to deliver it with professionalism and with style.


4. Match your entertainment to your audience      

Make sure the entertainment, no matter how good, appeals to the audience it is created for. Whether it is music, comedy or spectacle, or simply an after dinner speaker, matching the entertainment to the demographic of the audience and the purpose of the event is crucial.  I have some stories to tell about this but we don’t have space here!


5. It's all in the presentation and production

Presentation and production are essential parts of success in event entertainment. Theming, if applicable, staging, sound and lighting are what basically creates the ambiance for your event. There is little point in spending thousands on entertainment if its presentation is bland and unprofessional. Lighting and good effects are more than ever making all the difference to the success of an event. This need not be expensive -  there are good, cost effective production solutions available in this day and age. The production equipment needs to ideally  be unnoticeable in a venue until it operates – having large trusses and unsightly lighting or speaker towers visible in a room should be a thing of the past.


6. Start planning early! 

Your ideal entertainment may already be booked well in advance, especially in the busier seasons.


7.  Think about your timings

Does your venue have noise restrictions? Does it have the correct licences? Will your entertainment be prepared to perform longer than called for if everyone is having an amazing time? Extra fees are usually chargeable and should be agreed in contract to save you the hassle of negotiating and possible being held to ransom on the day/night.


8.  Back to budgeting

Wanting to save money is understandable, but if you do have an opportunity to have both entertainment and production at a reduced price, why is this? Always carefully check the credentials?  You do not want to show up on the night and find out the old adage “you get what you pay for”  is very much true.  

Saying that, prices charged are often higher than they could be in order to cover large operator overheads, which is why we created Boisdale Entertainment particularly with a minimal overhead but serious buying power and experience to offer the ultimate cost effective, creative delivery service. That's why coming to us for ideas and a quote does make good economic sense as well.


9. Getting it right on the night

Make sure that every aspect of the event blends into one seamless entity.  Remember, the entertainment, events and production team are doing the work, and are able to deal with any emergencies or crises calmly and professionally, so you don’t have to - and your guests have no idea there is ever a problem.


10. Make sure you enjoy it too!

Make sure that you have the all the above well covered so that YOU can enjoy the evening too!


Guest blog by Boisdale Entertainment


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