Watch the cricket with The Kia Oval Hospitality

Watch the cricket with The Kia Oval Hospitality

Fantastic cricket hospitality options at the Kia Oval with Keith Prowse. Find out what awaits you pitch-side...

Cricket is widely considered to be the nation’s favourite pastime, alongside afternoon tea, rain and queuing… but you won’t need to worry about getting caught in the rain and queuing if you experience Keith Prowse’s Cricket Hospitality for the Kia Oval!

The Kia Oval is a British institution, hearts have stopped and been broken in those seats, history has been made and dreams crushed. It is the probably the place to be for cricket, and now you have the chance to be there, experiencing the best the Oval has to offer, and more!

So just what is it that you could be experiencing? Have a look below and just see what there is….


1. Celebrity Cricket Guests

How do you fancy rubbing shoulders with cricket's great and good, whilst watching your club or country play down below? Spending your day not only in one of the world’s most famous cricket grounds, but also alongside some of the sport’s most famous heroes sounds pretty amazing, really!

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2. Never Miss A Moment

You will be able to enjoy fantastic views of the cricket; each stand offers unique and stunning moments of the action… If you are seated on the Corinthian Roof Terrace you will be experiencing a bird’s eye view of the match as well as enjoying the pinnacle of cricket hospitality.

The Corinthian Roof Terrace recently underwent an extraordinary £250,000 refurbishment, creating the most perfectly luxurious hospitality area. If you are spending your day at the Montpelier Club, you can look forward to a stunning seat on the Montpelier balcony, with a fantastic view of the action and an at-seat service for drinks - the perfect way to watch the cricket!

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3. Champagne Reception

The best way to celebrate the cricket is surely with a glass of champagne in the hallowed grounds of the Oval. With the Corinthian Roof Terrace you can enjoy a sumptuous champagne reception before lunch and experience the complimentary bar which will be available all day.

Kia Oval cricket hospitality with Keith Prowse

4. Amazing Food

From awarding wining chef Kapil Kaushik, you will experience beautiful, elegant food, made from locally sourced ingredients, and using cutting edge technology he has been able to create dishes that are simply delicious.


Impress your friends with fabulous Kia Oval facts!

So, do you feel like impressing everyone with your amazing knowledge on your surroundings? Take a look below to discover why the Kia Oval is so highly regarded in British History….


  • The Kia Oval was host to the first ever Test on the 6th September 1880- England vs Australia.
  • American billionaire J Paul Getty who was a huge fan of cricket had a replica of the Kia Oval built in his back garden of his Surrey mansion.
  • The original Ashes were hosted here, after the Sporting Times held a mock obituary to cricket after a disastrous performance by England in a match against Australia.
  • It’s not just cricket that the ground is famous for, it also hosted the first ever FA Cup match in 1872, between the Wanderers and the Royal Engineers- as well as several rugby matches.
  • The Kia Oval famously backs onto the Oval Gas Holders, which were built after the ground was. There were plans to demolish the gas holders, which are no longer in use, but fans protested calling the holders integral parts of the look of the Oval- the holders look safe for now!
  • During the London Blitz the Oval housed searchlights and anti-aircraft guns.


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