Why holograms can be more impressive than the real thing

Why holograms can be more impressive than the real thing

Holographic technology could be the greatest revolution in public speaking since the loudspeaker - make sure you're ahead of the curve.

Picture the scene: you are standing in a crowd of thousands in the Indian hill station of Nainital, in the foothills of the outer Himalayas. A cool breeze from the nearby Bhimtal Lake blows occasionally, but you are too caught up in something that’s happening up ahead to notice much about your immediate surroundings. You are watching an impassioned speech by election hopeful Narendra Modi—leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)—who stands on a stage before you. You live in a country of over 800 million voters, and so the fact that Modi has managed to make it out to your constituency in person is something very special. Except, of course, he is not really there at all. He is, you realise when a techy reaches over and presses a switch, making Mori disappear on the slot at the commencement of his speech, a hologram.

The Indian election campaign is famously gruelling. Modi’s election campaign team employed holographic technology to project a live speech onto stages at an astonishing 3500 to 4000 events, so that he could “personally address” over 100 million voters. No small feat for a single person.

Doctor operating on a hologram heartIf Modi’s campaign managed to employ the technology successfully in remote rural areas, think of the potential for holographic technology at corporate events, in high-spec conference centres and venues.

The entertainment industry has already taken note. In 2012, Coachella Festival gained a great amount of publicity with its hologram of deceased rapper Tupac Shakur. There is an obvious wow factor here.

But there are also practical applications for the conference organiser:

  • Speakers from all over the world can give virtual presentations without being in the room at all.
  • Holographic assistants can guide delegates around a venue.
  • Holographic attendees, unable to attend the conference in person, can engage with actual ones.

As the technology gets cheaper and easier to implement, these become very real possibilities, whether that’s for an everyday event or something more specialised.

All it takes is the right events company to assist in set-up and effective use, an agency who both understand audience engagement and have the technical know-how to ensure it. TFI can be that mediator. And holograms could be the way in which you inject the future into your event. Because if the Indian election campaign is anything to go by, holographic technology could be the greatest revolution in public speaking since the loudspeaker.


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Guest blog by: 

Adam Said
Senior Executive - Product Development
TFI Group

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Video of Modi's hologram