How LiveTECH Rocked the Barbican...

How LiveTECH Rocked the Barbican...

Over 200 event industry leaders and corporate event bookers attended Londonlaunch’s tantalisingly tech-tastic LiveTECHevent at the Barbican this week. 

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The morning began bright and early at 8.00am sharp in the venue’s awe-inspiring indoor Tropical Gardens where delegates enjoyed a sumptuous, healthy and eclectic ‘power breakfast’ before official proceedings kicked off in the uber hi-tech auditorium. 

After a (not so) brief but dynamic, punchy and scene-setting opening session by Londonlaunch CEO, Will Broome entitled ‘Mass Disruption is Key to Innovation’ we proceeded to cover and dissect a wide spectrum of raw and relevant subjects, from tweets to selfies (and just about everything in between), throughout the morning. 

Best selling authour and internationally renowned revolutionary (yes, he actually started a revolution in Trinidad!), Rich Newton, delivered a provocative and intriguing talk on 'Robots versus Humans' explaining that to be effective in an increasingly digital world, we need to be 'less nice'. 

Next up, our very own Londonlaunch MD, Peter Heath, gave us a fascinating and highly detailed insight into the social networks with his 'Old v New' presentation. Delegates were served an invaluable statistical view point on which of the social networks were worth investing time and money in and which were perhaps worth volleying straight back into the net. From the 'old school' classics like facebook, YouTube and, to a surprisingly diminishing extent, twitter, to the more impulsive snapchat and the intrinsically aesthetic Instagram, we were taken on a journey through social space and time... 

Live TECH-peter -speech

And then something really weird happened! Our glamorous photographer, Angie from Colombia (yes, we import all the best things from Colombia!) stormed the stage, threw down her camera and demanded we took our clothes off! Well, our jackets and shoes at least. After a short but invigorating five minute impromptu yoga session, all set to music and beautifully choreographed (by literally nobody except for Angie!) it was 'back to the stats' with a passion for facts!  

Live TECH yogo

Darren Sheffield, CEO of SEO specialists, TMI then took to the stage and told us all how to ensure we dominate Google rankings. It turns out there's no magic overnight fix or short-cuts for that matter, but with a clear understanding of getting the initial infrastructure right, as well as adhering to a few crucial guidelines, you can make an immediate change and rise up the rankings pretty quickly! 

The inimitable Rob Morrisson then stepped up to reveal some of the most exciting developments in the Audio Visual space whilst reminding us of the importance of getting the basics right! After losing his ipad in the loo, he then demonstrated a simple yet exciting new technique in conference Q & A and audience engagement...the Catchbox. Effectively a sponge cube (which is also a microphone), this cool little device can be thrown around the audience... Oh, and then that was nicked too!! Another highlight was Saville's spectacular LED screen which, even at 14% brightness ensured that the Londonlaunch logo was permanently burned onto the front row's retinas (not really, but it really is a game-changer in terms of HD presentation displays - you'll never go back!). You'll be pleased to hear that rob recovered both of his priceless devices and no one was arrested (or fired)...!  

And then came the Lumi luminaries Iain Wallace and Pete Eyre to discuss what's hot in the world of applications and event tech. With hard hitting stats and facts from both Gartner and Lumi, we learnt what was worth investing in from NFC to KFC (the chicken bit is a joke, of course!) 

Live Tech -will -speech

We'd like to extend a huge thank-you to everyone who attended - please stay engaged with each other via our revolutionary Lumi Show app and make sure you keep an eye on twitter where we'll be answering all of your (brilliant) questions from the event via #livetechevent. 

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See you at the next one!  

Will Broome, CEO