ArcelorMittal Orbit – Official Launch Party

ArcelorMittal Orbit – Official Launch Party

The sensational Olympic Park is now open for corporate business. Last month we attended the sensational launch party of it's most dramatic new event space. Here's what we thought.... 

London is awash with historic and iconic venues but few are as culturally dramatic and instantly iconic as the magnificent AreclorMittal orbit, arguably London’s most dramatic addition to the London skyline since the towering Shard pierced the Southbank skies. 

The Olympic Legacy pole-vaulted into action this year with the official launch of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as a series of inspirational event spaces set within a gleaming, picturesque and increasingly mature environment. The grass has grown (as have the trees) and the awesome Olympic venue structures are now accentuated as they rise archaically, juxtaposed by the sinuous rills of the surrounding landscape. 

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The unmissable focal point at the heart of it all is the towering ArcelorMittal Orbit, which can be seen from every corner of the park. At first glance it looks like a really, really scary roller-coaster but on closer inspection it looks like a giant red helter-skelter – the perfect place for a party! Access is easy too – with both the Jubilee and Central Lines a short walk from the venue. What’s more, the entrance is framed by the sparkling Westfield Centre, itself a thriving destination and a natural entry tunnel, lined with high-end retail outlets and restaurants making this a truly aspirational new London location. 

The Orbit is both a well-appointed series of event spaces as well as being an experience.   From the moment we were greeted by the well-informed and enthusiastic lift attendant who escorted us up the hundred and twenty metres to (what seemed like) the top of the world to the moment we marvelled at the sensational Aquatics Centre outside as we returned to the tube station we were enthralled and engaged.

Inside SpaceThe main event space combines an open-plan almost urban feel with a floor to ceiling 360° panoramic outlook to rival any City-scape in the World. One floor down (on the lower deck) is a similar space, perfect for sit down dinners for up to 80 (or 100 on the upper deck) so there’s an excellent opportunity for pre-or post dinner drinks in a separate but equally inspiring space.  For those who don’t suffer from vertigo there’s an external walkway around the exterior of the upper deck (with a hatch for abseiling!) so alfresco ‘drinks on the roof terrace’ add yet another dimension.

Their canapés deserve a mention too as their freshness, abundance and general deliciousness are a notable asset of the outstanding kind!  

At the base of the Orbit is another, brand new events venue – The Podium. Built after the Olympic Games as part of the (now tangible) legacy programme, this venue is a purpose-built cube with state-of-the-art in-built technology (everything you could ever need) so you could even rock up with nothing but an iphone for that keynote presentation, however technical it may be.  The Podium has a fantastic large-scale roof-terrace too, albeit on a lower level, which provides a completely different feel, immersed in the view rather than surveying it from the clouds. 

In summary, the ArcelorMittal Orbit is an instant icon, an amazing series of event spaces with are somehow both magical and practical at the same time. The inspirational overtones of the most successful Olympic and Paralympic Games of all time is a significant attribute for your event and brand to bask in the associated glory too, of course…   

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Will Broome, CEO 

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