Summer 2017

Carrie On Off The Wall!

Carrie On Off The Wall!

As a people person, I’m a great believer in individuality. We’re all different and that’s what makes it so fascinating to meet new people. It’s the same for event venues – no two are the same. You get the sensible ones, the posh ones, the traditionalists, the party animals and the eccentrics. So, if you think a business function has to be held in a purpose built conference centre, or a wedding should be celebrated in a swanky hotel, you’re missing out on a whole ‘other world’ of weird and wonderful places you could book.


Oh, the fun we’ve had sourcing wacky venues for clients! One-of-a-kind requests have included a London event on the theme of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, a pop-up netball tournament in Leeds, and a site for the World Paintball Championships. One American client wanted a venue for an immersive event that could accommodate an entire tube train carriage – oh, and it had to be in the middle of London! Talk about the sublime and the ridiculous – we must have done it all.

Unique venues in London are the perfect way to make any event extra special and stand out from the rest. If you’re delegates are used to run-of-the-mill conference venues, surprise them with a quirky theme and location. If your executives are regular diners in London’s finest eateries, think laterally and offer them an experience they won’t have had before.

One of our client was looking for somewhere a bit different for a high level dinner with one of their important clients. We suggested Berry Bros, the distinguished London wine and spirit merchants, for a corporate dinner with wine tasting. Let’s just say it went down extremely well – so much so that our client has already rebooked!

Maybe your company needs to be seen to be at the forefront of innovation, always one step ahead of the competition? Pick a unique venue and go all out showcasing your creativity. Dazzle your guests with something a little out of left field and see their eyes light up.

Luckily, we’ve been in the venue finding business for so long, our directories are chock-full of quirky and unusual places for any occasion. Nothing fazes us any more. Go on, ask me a silly question! I guarantee I can find you the perfect place for any off-the-wall event – it’s my business after all. From warehouses to cathedrals, bookshops to oak barns, historic halls to eco houses, islands to skyscrapers… the sky is literally the limit!

Before I go, I want to tell you about one event that will always have a special place in my heart. Last December, a client booked a very special celebratory lunch and 4-hour river cruise for 14 family guests. To mark the occasion, they chartered the Royal Nore, the famous barge used by members of the Royal Family for official duties on the Thames. Unfortunately, the ship ran into technical difficulties at the last moment and could not sail. Disaster? It could have been.

Thankfully, we managed to rescue victory from the jaws of defeat and, to everyone’s utter delight, the client was given the prestigious Silver Sturgeon instead! With a capacity for up to 440 diners and an architect designed interior featuring a glass grand staircase, this 21st century luxury river yacht has to be seen to be believed. The lunch table was set in The River Room, the spacious bow area, and the 10 adults and 4 children were treated like royalty during their special day, with the entire ship at their disposal. It’s an experience that everyone will treasure for the rest of their lives.


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