Summer 2017

Go Wild And Inspire This Summer

Go Wild And Inspire This Summer

It is a statistical fact that live events are the finest way to engage and bring people together. But why aim to simply engage when you can inspire, stimulate and enthrall your guests? In the digital age of clinical and sometimes faceless efficiency, events are arguably even more effective than ever as a dramatic, live and memorable human experience which creates a lasting legacy and, if you really pull it off, a shared feeling of togetherness amongst your delegates. This will, in turn, create an affinity with your brand that’s far more potent and powerful than any electronic communication could ever be...


I think we’ll also all agree that, these days, the best form of networking is, in fact, ‘not working’ and the more fun you can make your event, the happier, more relaxed and more engaged your guests will be? Oh, and the more you’ll feature on Facebook and Instagram of course!


Carousel Daytime - HERO Image


In all honesty, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that there aren’t that many completely unique experiences available to corporate groups in 2017 because you’d think that every bit of hi-tech wizardry has been explored, every feasible empty venue space has been discovered and every elaborate theme attempted, not to mention laborious health and safety restrictions? Well, not so fast.


There is one idea that you might not yet have discovered and ‘discovery’ is the operative word in this unique case.


What if you could transport your guests to an entirely different, exotic world of discovery and adventure?  What if you could offer your delegates exciting encounters, bringing them face to face with beautiful, intriguing, powerful animals in a series of different habitats whilst educating them with fascinating facts and topical environmental ideas? What’s more, in such a place you’d be introducing your guests to essential ecological issues, generating awareness and, therefore, helping to save the planet! Imagine if, just by staging an event at this mystery venue, you’d be directly contributing to the global conservation of animals and their environments! Who would have thought it, CSR and FUN!?


Crocodile Feed - Amphibian & Reptile House


Well, this place does indeed exist and, amazingly, it’s nestled right in the leafy heart of London – in Regent’s Park to be exact. In fact, it’s been hiding in plain sight and, at least from a corporate perspective, you might never have experienced the full splendor and spellbinding qualities of ZSL London Zoo? It might never have even crossed your mind?


Until now, of course!


ZSL London Zoo is a beautifully manicured and tranquil oasis in the heart of London, providing wonderful backdrops and exotic drama in a world-class environment, creating the perfect location for the most exciting events imaginable. Stage an event here and you’ll have a full (animal) house, guaranteed!


With a wide range of possibilities, ZSL London Zoo is the perfect destination for any event, always generating a palpable sense of excitement and energy whatever the occasion – from corporate receptions, dinners and product launches to seasonal parties and team building days where one such highlight is their hilarious ‘I’m a delegate – Get me out of here!’ experience (Bush-tucker trials optional!) 


LZshot 4091


Talking of Bush-tucker trials, we all know that catering can make or break a corporate event and, when it comes to feeding time, there’s obviously no better place to be! With food by Ampersand, one of the UK’s leading creative caterers, your ZSL London Zoo experience will be accentuated greatly by beautifully prepared and suitably delicious food for your guests to devour. With all-in prices starting from just £83 per head for their Summer Package, you’d be hard pressed to find anything to match it.


There are a wide variety of wonderfully flexible and diverse event spaces too, all available through Ampersand, which you can choose from to create a number of entirely different experiences amidst the majestic classical Georgian architecture, surrounded by 36 acres of gloriously manicured zoological gardens for up to 300, to the impressive Terrace restaurant at the heart of the site which can accommodate up to 800 guests, for those really BIG event experiences. There are three event suites, seven animal houses and a variety of alternative outside spaces, each offering an entirely different and unique themed experience for 50 guests upwards.


Ask yourself this. Could there be anything more exhilarating than an intimate dinner in Tiger Territory, an evening drinks reception on Penguin Beach or even canapés in the Attenborough Komodo Dragon House, all of which will undoubtedly surprise and delight your unsuspecting guests?


8.09.16 - Executive PA Event (71) 


You can even invite one of the furry or feathered residents (with their keeper, of course) to add a dramatic twist to proceedings. This could be anything from an armadillo to a pair of meerkats, a llama, donkey, reindeer, rats, ferrets or owls!


Aside from the animal antics, super surroundings and creative catering, London Zoo’s classical carousel is the perfect centerpiece and a climactic crescendo for such a unique event experience!


FAM Event - April 2016 (252)


With several different zones to choose from and more than ten different venue spaces, each one rivalling anything else London has to offer in its own right, ZSL London Zoo is a fun, playful and vibrant place to which you can seamlessly and simply transport your guests. So, this summer, don’t just take your guests to a cool new venue, let them experience your wild side by taking them on Safari, to a cool new world!     


To read more about ZSL London Zoo or to make an enquiry please click here


Will Broome, Founder.