Summer 2017

The Coolest Event Trends 2015

The Coolest Event Trends 2015

Hot weather, sleeveless clothes and a huge desire for anything cold can only signal one thing, summer is arriving! We have all been hailing the day that the sun arrives again, beaming down upon us and breathing new life after the (oh so long!) winter.

Finally, that day has arrived and the Londonlaunchettes have been forced out of their trusty black jeans and into their dresses, which has seen the arrival of a hefty amount of fake tan and a purchase of a paddling pool in the office! 

Londonlaunch is always staying on top of events trends throughout the year and monitoring how events change from season to season. Every summer we see events escaping from the confines of walls and flocking to gardens, lawns and rooftops. This year there has been a huge rise in the popularity of the secret gardens in London, from the botanical garden at The Barbican to the picturesque lawn at The Tower Hotel sitting quietly underneath Tower Bridge, here you will find the hidden gems of London waiting to be uncovered to make your event memorable. What could be better than feeling transported into another world in the heart of the city?

Another trend that has been inspired by the ever-changing skyline of London is people going vertical and taking their events to new heights. The opening of The View from The Shard means your event can now sit almost above the clouds, standing at an eyewatering 800ft. The Leadenhall Building follows closely behind with its beautiful view of London’s Financial District at 650ft high and of course London’s very own Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street, giving you the best of both worlds, combining soaring height and a secret garden.

The first question I hear when inviting people to events is “are there going to be canapés?” Leading caterers like Rhubarb and Peyton & Byrne have embraced this notion and are successfully pushing the boundaries with event food, very much making it the focus of an event. Creative ideas like foie gras lollipops and mini shepherds pies have us at Londonlaunch failing to resist them wherever we go – this is taking a toll on the waistline. Thankfully this summer we will see more event food that has locally sourced ingredients and caterers creating inventive food that is following the global trend of clean eating. Does this mean we can have one more mini burger? It is organic after all!

Over the last few years events have been getting bigger and better, with people pushing the boundaries further to make their event more memorable than the last. This is where entertainment has come in and played a big part in the events world. We at Londonlaunch have received all kinds of strange requests to find anything from hooded jailers brandishing fire torches to a virtual hologram string quartet. ThinkersLive has been a market leader for all things entertaining, including bringing a live Mario and Luigi to leap through an event, what more could you want? This summer is going to be no different, now is the time to start thinking about how to make your event more exciting, so give ThinkersLive a call and prepare to be inspired! 

Already we have seen people flocking in droves to escape the office the moment the sun shines, so this is the perfect time to take to new heights, make new discoveries and not hold back on the canapés!