Summer 2017

Top Tips For Your Profile!

Images are the most important feature on your profile. As the saying goes 'a picture paints a thousand words' and this could not be any more true in this case. You need to represent your venue/product in the best way possible and in order to do that you need to get your images right! High resolution goes without saying, but you need to think carefully about which images to choose. As you know, you have 5 slots across the top of your profile and these need to represent you at your very best! Good lighting is also a must, taking a picture of a dark room doesnt exactly say inviting. Here is an example of a poor selection images on a profile: /suppliers/l/londonlaunch/


Screen Shot 2016-07-21 At 15.41.29


  • If you see the first image on the left you can see once clicked on that it is a good qaulity image, and of an impressive dinning hall. However if you see it as a first glance on the profile without clicking on it, it looks dark, dingey and uninspiring. First impressions...
  • The second image from the left is just a poor quality image, its pixelated and the lights are shining right at the camera. This does not look good at close or far range and absolute no on your profile.
  • The middle picture is similar to the first in the sense that its good image once clicked on, however the sizing is poor. It looks stretched and out of place and once again is a poor representation on first glance. 
  • The image second from the right is high resolution, however is far too dark and does not look inviting. 
  • The large image on the right is not necessarily a bad image, but what is it saying? Its a nice dining area with lots of happy looking people but it does represent exactly. Also the writing in the bottom right hand corner doesn't need to be there. 


Below is an example of thoughtfully chosen, high quality images: /suppliers/b/thebroadwayhouse/


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 At 12.41.27


Try to think of the end user when you look at your profile, is the content clear? Does it represent your company the way you want it too? Are you putting the right message across? When you look at your profile with that mindset you’ll soon pick up on the things you hadn’t. The example above does this brilliantly. As you can see the images are all bright and inviting, they flow well on the page and they're eye catching. This is the sort of thing you want to aim for, and it will massively increase the number of enquiries, simple but effective!