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10 great motivational mantras for 2014

10 great motivational mantras for 2014

In life there are those who think they can and those who think they can't. As both are usually right, here are my top 10 inspirational mantras to live by in 2014. (That was Henry Ford, by the way!)

1.  “You don't drown by falling in the river. You drown by staying there”.

I learnt this in America and not a truer phrase has ever been spoken. Make your own luck, write your own story and create your own destiny.  

2. “The best form of networking, is not working”!

Another thing I learnt in the USA a long time ago. If you’re at a business networking event then the last thing people want to discuss over a glass of champagne is…erm…business! Try talking about all sorts of random (fun) stuff – from something you recently read about the ‘Omniverse’ to a strange fact about elephants, whatever, and you’ll soon have everyone gravitating around you because you’re far more interesting that all those boring people talking about business. Then call them the next day and talk about business! 

3. “It is easier to curse the darkness than it is to light a candle”.

I learnt this from a rock star in the 90’s. This phrase says what it does on the tin, but in short, stop whining and get on with it!

4. “Behold the turtle for he only makes progress when he sticks his neck out”.

This speaks volumes to me. Life is all about adventure and exploration. From conquering Everest (“Because it’s there” - George Mallory) to starting a business and creating an Empire, the greater the risk, the fewer people dare to do it and the greater the reward. Simple.

5. “If you want people to hear, shout. If you want people to listen, whisper”.

I had this printed on a coffee mug in our office because it’s so good. Funnily enough, it was spoken by the Director of ‘Finding Nemo’ when discussing the subtleties of the groundbreaking Disney animation. Magical.

6. “No Guts, no Glory”!

This was emblazoned on the spoiler of my Tamiya Remote Controlled car – The Frog – back in the 80’s and I’ve lived by it ever since.

7. “You can only get out of the fridge what you put in it”!

My mum said that to me when I was a teenager because I was complaining there was no bacon. You get out what you put in. There are no magic shortcuts and nobody will do it for you. Damn!

8. “If something’s worth doing. It’s worth OVER-doing” Steven Tyler.

Aerosmith are so cool. Huhh-huhh!

9. “There are two types of people in this world. Fee earners and fee burners”.

Graham Lancaster, legendary founder of global PR agency, Biss Lancaster, and my next-door neighbor (although he has a much bigger house!) Whatever you’re doing, do it well and think about how you can monetize it.

10. “If it ain’t broken, break it!”.

A guy called Guy (Rigby) taught me this.  He’s ‘Head of Entrepreneurs’ at Smith & Williamson and invites me to amazing lunches with equally amazing people, from Caprice to Nick Wheeler (founder of Charles Tyrwhitt (his middle names) and husband of Crissy Rucker, founder of the White Company). The ultimate power couple, then! Challenge everything.

And if there’s one simple phrase above all others I think everyone should live by, it’s this.  “Work hard and be nice to people”. Do that and you’ll never go wrong. Even when things go wrong!

Oh, I can’t stop this. One final one, I promise! As sung by the legendary Marc Bolan “I drive a Rolls Royce, ‘cos it’s good for my voice”. Indeed it is…


Send us your mantras if you have any good ones - Happy New Year!


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