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Beach weddings and event mishaps!

Beach weddings and event mishaps!

I'm back! After a disastrous first cricket match of the season where I was (for the first time ever, I hasten to add!) bowled out for a duck - something which is so much worse if you're the opening batsman - I returned to my Chipping Campden team a hero (really!) by recklessly smashing the first ball of the match for four, followed by four more fours, then hooking the last ball for (a massive) six and having to retire undefeated. That's more like it! My new Woodworm ibat pro (my original snapped in half when I was bowled out last time!) served me well (Obi Wan). There's nothing worse than hot-footing it out of London on a Thursday evening, screaming up the M40 to the Cotswolds, jumping out of the car (always a couple of minutes late at 6.02pm) padding up, running in and being out for a duck! 

It's been a significant week at Londonlaunch. Our new site is really bedding in nicely and we're racing up the Google rankings for all sorts of event and hospitality phrases. SEO is a tough nut to crack and, although we have the luxury of a great big corporate database and loyal user-ship, the hard work and investment is really coming to fruition and we're delighted to be welcoming so many brand new users to the brand new Londonlaunch.com every day.

My week began with a lunch in the fabulous new Carrara restaurant in London's newest theatre - the St James Theatre (coming soon to Londonlaunch). Our lunch discussion took an unexpected twist when my delightful Canadian dining partner asked me a fateful question - "So, you were in a band? In America?" Well, don't get me started. Our conversation meandered and darted from decade to decade as I fervently recounted stories which you simply couldn't make up! From being brought up as the son of the founder of Alton Towers (and all the craziness that brings!) to rejecting it all to be the lead singer in a rock 'n' roll band in the USA and just about every bizarre scenario in between, we touched on it all. It's strange to think that the Battersea Power Station was the beast that brought the Broomes back down to Earth! But, I'm back, remember and so might my (marginally insane) father as he's stepped up his comeback bid this week too! I still consider the Power Station to be mine though, of course!  

I heard some great event stories this week too - like the one where the corporate event exec shimmied up the huge artillery gun barrel outside the American War Museum and got so high (up the barrel I mean) that she remained there for most of the corporate dinner she was meant to be attending before being rescued by the fire brigade! Or the time when Stephen Hawkins was the guest of honour at an iconic, classical London venue only to find that the disabled access was not very...erm....accessible so he had to be wheeled through the kitchen and up in the maintenance lift before delivering a speech on the outer reaches of the Universe - or is it a Multiverse! Oh, don't get me started on all that either - wait til I've whipped my telescope out and it'll all pour forth (that's not a euphemism!)

I also spent a weird evening with one of my oldest friends. A partner at Eversheds, the leading law firm and London's property lawyer of the year, Nick is a wonderfully arrogant man. But he deserves to be because he's so bloody clever. And he owns a whole team of racing cars which he builds and maintains in his free time. So we went to see Fast and Furious 6 in Leicester Square. And we're grown men! Anyway, he may know about cars and law, but I know about parties, so hopefully he'll be delighted with the summer party venue Londonlaunch.com has arranged for them! 

So, off to a beach wedding this weekend on sunny Camber Sands (where George  Clooney is currently filming) - the groom is an old school friend of mine and he owns Kabbee, London's leading minicab app (event people take note - SO useful after a night out, and through their comparison feature, you'll always find the cheapest by miles - or your money back!). Don't quote me on that last 'money back' statement because it might not be technically true! 

It's comedy week next week...so if you hear me muttering as I pace around town, you'll know I'm rehearsing, not mad. In fact, Stand Up Comedy in front of 300 with absolutely no experience of it at all? Of course I'm mad (me)! Please sponsor me for being a lunatic?!