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Chocolate, Champagne and Seaside in the City

Chocolate, Champagne and Seaside in the City

After a (seemingly) successful momentary stint as a stand up comedian, opening against the fast paced Indian bowlers of the Williams F1 Team on Thursday evening was not nearly as scary as it should have been. Especially, without a helmet. Having done my customary ‘thing’ of rocking up at Chipping Campden Cricket Club twenty minutes late after a quick belt up the M40 from London, in mostly the wrong gear (this time, aptly, it was England Lock Danny Grewcock’s gigantic British Lions training shirt) I defended (uncharacteristically yet stoically without scoring a single run for three overs!) before retiring my innings with possibly the biggest Six I’ve ever launched (out of the park) and so another eventful week came to a fitting crescendo!

The week began in Staffordshire, at the funeral of a Great Aunt who I knew for her straight talking and general down to earth nature, despite being from the ‘Bagshaw’ line of my family who have done some extraordinary things – from ‘making the desert smile again’ at Alton Towers to selling all sorts of businesses (mostly in the auctioneering field) and even buying the largest cave network in the UK (strange but true!). It turns out that my Grandmother used to live at the beautiful yet very austere country house hotel we stopped at for lunch too. But it was the fact that Auntie Shirley played in the Wimbledon Championships of 1938 (albeit being knocked out by ‘an absolute duffer’ in the first round) which was most surprising – I finally know where I get it from!!

Monday evening saw the hugely successful corporate introduction of Alexeeva & Jones, a remarkable new Notting Hill based company who represent eighteen of the world’s most respected chocolatiers. An impressive range of big name corporates and event industry leaders were taken through a meticulous and inspiring chocolate ‘tasting’ which made wine tasting seem so ‘last year’! It seems obvious now but how many of us have ever considered what chocolate would go with certain meals, coffees or even wines? If you haven’t tasted world- class chocolates before (I fall firmly into this category) then Alexeeva & Jones will introduce you to a fascinating (mouth-watering) new world.

Tuesday was a hugely important and strategic day with our accountants which, although exciting from our point of view (discussing our brave new direction and regional expansion plans) is not as exciting as sports or chocolate! Moving on…

Wednesday saw us stage another ‘capacity’ event, this time in partnership with Novus Leisure’s Late Night London at The Sterling. LNL’s ‘Seaside in the City’ theme was respected by the heavens and a glorious summer evening ensued with cocktails, mini fish n’ chips and a fabulous beach themed outdoor event in the heart of the City. Who knew you could even have an amplified band outside in this iconic City ‘oasis’ after 7pm? We think that ‘Gherkin Beach’ is set to be a significant new location for corporate events this summer and beyond. A common notion from corporates afterwards was that they had no idea such soirees were possible on their doorstep and certainly not with the freedom they experienced on Wednesday evening!

The londonlaunch.com Pitchboard is gathering some great momentum now too – there are currently five pitches on there. If you have an event to organise but don’t know where to start, our unique Pitchboard feature is a great way to get the ball rolling. Simply describe what you’d like to achieve with your event and the best of the best in the industry will come back to you through our closed and confidential system. What’s more, only venues and service providers relevant to your specific requirements will be able to come back to you! So, if you’re a venue or service provider make sure you login regularly so you don’t miss an opportunity!   

Next week we are excited to welcome lots of dynamic new venues and suppliers to the londonlaunch stable and look out for your invitation to our next Londonlaunch:Learn networking event where we’ll be introducing you to one of London’s most important (and exciting) new event spaces…