Will's Week

Getting high on events!

Getting high on events!

This week I've mostly been getting high. With two very different world-class roof top experiences on consecutive nights I (like Andy Murray - had to get him in somewhere) have been on top of the world!

On Monday night I enjoyed my first post Lucy Gemmell Rhubarb experience. A couple of months ago I was honoured to be invited to Lucy's leaving party which signified the end of an era in which she created a world-class catering and event design business and built it into a global brand. The party was 'at home' and was everything you'd expect from an event industry doyenne - a double tier marquee with translucent roof in her Wandsworth garden, 400 industry Legends (including those people who were famed for organising stuff for the Beckhams). And me, of course! Waiting staff were dressed as rats (there's a rat in the kitchen), kitchen utensils (thousands of them) hung from the ceiling and all sorts of interesting people paid tribute - from the chairman of Ark (who thanked Rhubarb to contributing directly to raising in excess of £1 billion for the charity over the years through their famed charity events, to Lawrence Dallaglio who declared we were all 'Wrong 'uns' and that's why we were there!) and the food, of course, was sensational! As the invitation stated - "At all the best parties, you’ll find me in the kitchen!" and we certainly did! Now, under the meticulous and pioneering helmsman ship of Managing Director, PB, (himself approaching legendary status), Lucy's vision is reaching new heights; a notion that leads me nicely to their stunning new flagship restaurant and venue spaces at the iconic 20 Fenchurch St (the Walkie-talkie tower). Rhubarb, in partnership with Heston Blumenthal, beat off stiff competition from a reported seventy-five rivals before winning this coveted contract to operate London's most hotly anticipated new restaurant and breathtaking event spaces. Think 'Kensington Roof Gardens' crossed with a scene from Avatar and you'll be half way to imagining the magnificent Sky Garden - a 100ft atrium on the top floor with an indoor forest suspended above the City of London. Rhubarb are known for their mile high retail outlets ( see the A380 all liveried up in Rhubarb pink on their site!) but this takes things to a whole new (38th floor) level!

As if one rooftop wasn't enough this week, I found myself (glass of Champagne thrust in hand by the One Group's über cool and omni present Iain Duncan) at the stunning ME London Hotel, and more specifically, their rooftop Radio Bar, which is as beautiful as it looks on Facebook! With breathtaking views in all directions, you really are 'in' the view at this awesome bar. Luckily, I knew who to ring because they turn away a reputed 1,200 people per night and I saw the queue to prove it. It's not that I don't do queues but.....who am I kidding? Of course I don't! Even the commodities traders I was with had had to queue for two hours to get in, which all goes to show that life isn't always about the size of your Ferrari (again, who am I kidding!?) STK is every bit as dynamic as you'd expect from a bustling (almost impossible to get a table) New York restaurant but with its cosy booths, eclectic lighting and in-restaurant DJ station, it's certainly worth a damn good try!

I had a proper old school lunch meeting on Wednesday, with a serial business owner come theatre impresario at his unique new joint, the St.James Theatre. This happens a lot but he knows my dad from the 80's and I can't work out whether that's a good or a bad thing! Certainly, there are some legendary stories circulating around town of things he got up to and I'd be so proud if he was my (even more) silly mate. But he's my dad. Anyway, the St. James Theatre is a pretty exciting place. Certainly the smartest theatre in town, with the best restaurant and the most hi-tech, comfortable, temperature controlled auditorium. And they have some amazingly different shows on - from Farrage to Griff Rhys Jones (and just about everyone in between). And you can take a whole night, with dinner, exclusively for your company - at surprisingly affordable rates. A really clever and unique hospitality idea.

Having spent much of my school exeats and half terms sandwiched between Andrew Lloyd Webber and Roger Moore (literally) in Eaton Square, it's nostalgic to be spending a fair bit of time in Boisdale Belgravia. An effortlessly cool and seemingly old school haunt, with Michelin star food and a delightfully (albeit unintentionally) entertaining lunchtime clientele (current neighbouring conversation is about how shit French food is!), Boisdale is quickly becoming a favourite hang out!

So, Shillibeer's Bar and Grill launch next week - I went on a hard hat tour on Wednesday morning and it's looking amazing! I hope to see lots of you there as the are currently over 400 on the guest list so its sure to be a fun evening!

Enjoy the sun this weekend (again!) and see you next week!


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