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Technology - without the bells & whistles

Technology - without the bells & whistles

This week we've been pole to pole. From a super hi-tech sustainable city contained in one docklands venue to a modern take on an iconic Scottish jazz and fine dining establishment in Canary Wharf, steeped in tradition and history yet displaying all the benefits of a brand new, state of the art series of event spaces.

Firstly, the Crystal. I'm delighted to reveal that this incredible new, fully sustainable and spacecraft like mini city is the (previously secret) new venue for LiveTECH, our technology for events master-class on November 28th and, like the fitting location,  its going to be sensational! I can't give away too much until the official announcement later this month  but we've teamed up with iconic and world-renowned agency, George P Johnson, who are thought leaders in the successful integration of technology into events - from intriguing topics such as which social media channels work best to all sorts of priceless advice, trade secrets and examples of how they've successfully used technology to dramatically enhance the experiential events they create. The venue itself is a revelation, with stunning views of the docks, the O2, Canary Wharf, and one of the most advanced auditoriums in London which sits in the central core of the venue. It also looks like a giant, juicy red apple, as the pulsating heart at the centre of the building. The sleek lines and curved glass of the panoramic windows are reminiscent of a Sunseeker Predator powerboat (ah, those were the days!) prowling up the Thames.

View from The Crystal London conference centre

GPJ, our content providers for the day, will be focusing on doing the simple things well. They have a passion for not adding bells and whistles if they're not 100% necessary. This is crucial because it will make the day completely relevant, highly useful and most importantly, actionable for all. If you want to walk away knowing what social media channel to focus on and why, what logistical technological ideas will lessen you workload and enhance the reach and ROI of your events and, just as importantly, which ones are gimmicks and not worth getting involved in, then LiveTECH will be well worth coming to. And all this will be directly related to the personal experiences of one of the greatest experiential agencies of all time. GPJ are willing to share their trade secrets for the benefit of the events sector as a whole and that's almost crazy!

LiveTECH guests will have the opportunity to arrive via the Emirates Air line cable car, which will drop us off at the front door of the Crystal and those with a real sense of (hi-tech) adventure can even arrive by jet-pack! In fact, we might just offer the first ten people who book tickets when they go on sale, a free ride on one of those super cool, super-soaking water-jet packs! see picture for details!

Water Jet pack team building

On Wednesday we hosted a VIP event booker's lunch in Cabot Square. The lunch was in celebration of the launch of Boisdale Entertainment, a new entertainment agency that prides itself on the fact that their Directors have a combined 100 years of front line experience in booking world-class acts such as Elton John and Joss Stone. Jools Holland is a partner too, so Boisdale really do have access all areas! Needless to say, it was a world-class experience. The finest aged Aberdeen steaks, lobster and champagne and an absolutely full house of forty discerning VIP event bookers from companies including Citi, GSk and Barclays, amongst many others.

Talking of exclusive showcase and networking events, we're continuing our high end theme with cocktail events at the coolest new kid on the block, the Strand's Me London Hotel. With world famous bars and restaurants (Radio, STK and Cucina Asellina are all in it, innit), ME London also encompasses amazing dedicated event spaces, that not many people know about. What's more, if you're hosting an event with them, you can even 'theme' the awe-inspiring pyramid reception which starts on the first floor and spears the entire building to a small prism of a skylight up at the famed Radio rooftop bar. Projected Constellations quietly glide around the towering pyramid creating a sense of celestial calm in this effortlessly cool London venue.

And finally, I feel I have to mention this to punish myself for my utterly atrocious run with the bat. Due to the gorgeous weather, I'm playing more cricket than I have since school, but after a characteristically solid start to the season as opening batsman for Chipping Campden, my last three innings I've been out for a duck, 3 and 4! I just can't defend the opening fast bowlers for more than a couple of balls. I have an in-built self destruct mechanism whereby I have to 'teach the bowler a lesson' and knock him for six back over his head in the first over. Something I did three years ago when I was an unknown quantity. Once. And it was a lucky shot with a huge Grey Nicholls Oblivion bat (but it did go right over a church, so was pretty impressive!). Anyway, I've lost it and have one chance in our last game of the season next week. In my head, its very, very important I sort this out....!