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The London PA Awards – Celebrating the Magic Ingredient

The London PA Awards – Celebrating the Magic Ingredient

Everybody knows that all the greatest organisations on earth attribute their smooth, seamless, professional, meticulous and successful operation to one key element.


That’s right, the slick efficiency of companies up and down the country, their increasingly forward-thinking procurement policies, their ever-evolving ‘eventology’, their clever communication strategies, networking nuances and envious efficiency all happen automatically, by magic.


There was a time when every Captain of Industry, every corporate Director, Executive Chairman or Business owner had something that encapsulated the 80’s with fervent one-upmanship and almost inappropriate aplomb. A secretary. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a secretary was effectively an accessory which has now been replaced by an iPhone. Her role (because it was almost compulsory to be female) was to manage her boss’s diary, type stuff that, frankly, they should have been typing themselves and, perhaps most importantly of all, look sharp (shoulder pads and perm a conditional pre-requisite!). They always arrived on time, stuck rigidly to their boss and left the office on time too (unless they had a very good (or bad) reason to hang around!). Secretaries had their day but are not to be remotely associated with Magic.

Then, after the 80’s, there came an era where every large organisation had a department for everything. Events, Marketing, Procurement, PR, Media Relations, entertainment, HR, recruitment, training and just about anything else imaginable. Now, thanks to Magic, they have all gone! In fact, Magic handles it all!

It’s hard working, efficient, courteous, diplomatic, engaging and effective. Magic carries out it’s task with speedy speed and gracious grace and, until recently, has been largely uncelebrated, quietly getting on with it and ensuring that everybody else looks great!


So, three years ago, a small group of us, willingly led by the illustrious Amy Law at the Hippodrome Casino, decided to do something about this. We felt that Magic was an un-sung, accidental hero who would never have time for self congratulation or any fleeting thought of personal recognition. This illusive group of Magic-makers have transformed businesses; They’ve enabled, inspired and uplifted those Captains of Industry and, in many cases, have become the enduring face and enthralling personality of brands – able ambassadors breaking new ground for their respective companies. They’ve become their boss’s bosses, the theatrical masters of sensational soirees, the artisans of articulate assurance and ass-kicking activities. Magic is not the oil in the machine, it’s the solid rocket fuel that propels companies large and small into the stratosphere.

Amazingly, there are some people who don’t believe that magic even exists, but it does. Magic may be intangible and unquantifiable but when orchestrated and engineered so vigorously and meticulously, it happens. You don’t notice it happening either, it’s just suddenly there. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why it’s magic. But make no mistake, in order for it all to come together and for the illusion to be proven, there needs to be a highly professional, multi-tasking, seriously skilled, mega-magician behind it all - otherwise known as a PA!

Magic is a thing and it’s never, ever an accident…


If you agree that this illusive and often un-recognised Magic ingredient deserves to be publicly exposed, then please vote for someone you feel needs rewarding here, you’ll find all the categories as well as stories to inspire you! When that’s done, clear your diary for the third London PA Awards on Friday 1st July 2016 at the Hippodrome Casino and prepare to be spellbound…!

Will Broome, Founder, Londonlaunch.com