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Unveil the secrets of PAs in events

Unveil the secrets of PAs in events

A few years ago my sister was PA to the Chairman of a National newspaper.  In her finest hour she sent him and his senior management to a pivotal meeting in Poland. She received a call from her boss early the following morning from Poland, concerned that the office she'd sent them to was deserted. At that very moment, while still on the phone, her office door in London unceremoniously swung open to reveal four Polish business men. Oops. There are good PAs and there are not so good PAs and neither of them should be taken for granted. 

So why not nominate a good PA right here, right now and unveil their secret, unsung brilliance!? You'll find some categories to choose from, so pick any you feel are relevant (from 'beyond the call of duty' to 'best event organiser') and put someone deserving on a pedestal! There's a fantastic nominations party on 26th May too, so if you nominate someone, we'll see them (and possibly even you!) there... 

It's a well known fact that PAs run businesses. From managing their boss' day to day schedule  to organising their entire existence, PAs are increasingly instrumental. Indeed, these days, PAs are not only privy to huge amounts of confidential information, but they are also sounding-boards, confidants and secret advisors who have the ear (and PA AWARDS CATEGORY WINNER 2014sometimes even the souls!) of their increasingly reliant, dependant and, above all, grateful bosses. From Senior Partners of City institutions to CEOs of SMEs, even large international businesses, PAs are often the decision-makers for the decision-makers, influencing those who hold the purse-strings and are increasingly responsible for pulling those strings. 

As a result, much of a PA's 'working life' (aka their 'life'!) is spent organising events. Working breakfasts, luncheons, receptions, dinners, meetings, seminars, AGMs, away-days, training days, hospitality, conferences, celebrations, Christmas Parties, Summer Parties, Halloween parties, office parties, leaving parties, even their friends' hen parties (because, ya know, they're good at organising stuff!)...you get the picture! Whereas PAs used to be considered 'accidental' event organisers (as if events were merely an annoying part of an otherwise already frenetic existence), they are now very much 'instrumental' event organisers, with the authority and purchase-power to use events more efficiently, effectively, productively and, above all, measurably. The event is now the discerning PA's secret weapon. In so many ways! 

So, that's the short version of why we co-founded the London PA Awards last year with the illustrious Amy Law of the Hippodrome Casino, to huge critical acclaim. 

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The London PA Awards enables the PAs who conjure 'the magic behind the magic' day after day (as if they were mere Muggles after all!) to gain well deserved recognition amongst their peers as well as a very public display of gratitude from the bosses who rely upon them. 

If you work with, know, or even have an extraordinary PA who you feel deserves to be recognised, then please vote for them here before the looming closing date of May 22nd. And there's no time like the present - a nomination will go a very long way towards demonstrating that you've noticed...! 

If you do nominate someone, they might even invite you to the aforementioned sensational and legendary annual Nominations Party at the Hippodrome Casino's Matcham Room Theatre on 26h May. You have been warned....! 

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Find out more about the London PA Awards 2015

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