3 BIG Reasons

3 BIG Reasons

Are you looking for a reason to let your hair down, rip your tie off and go a little bit wild this Easter? Well I've got 3 BIG Reasons to help you make that decision!

1. I understand how much you love working and that when the weekend approaches you're reluctant to leave your desk, so the thought of a 4 DAY WEEKEND must send shivers down your spine? But, on the off chance that you DO actually enjoy your weekend, this is great news! A 4 day weekend in Adventure Bar means 4 SATURDAY NIGHTS IN A ROW, that's 4 nights of scrumptious cocktails, shooter paddle spanking, Beyoncé booth dancing and the longest conga line you've ever seen!

2. How about the fact that we've managed to CRAM MORE FUN into this weekend? It's true, we've managed to negotiate an EXTRA THREE HOURS this Easter weekend in order to make it a truly EGGCELLENT! 

3.What would you say if I was to tell you that we've managed to combine our two favourite things from this time of year, Easter eggs and cocktails, and we've managed to mix them into one glorious concoction?

This tongue-tantalising-treat known as Humpty Dumpty Fell off the Wagon is a delicious mix of Kraken Spiced Rum, Mozart Dark Choc Liqueur, Coco Lopez and Strawberry served in AN EASTER EGG. It really is the definition of NEXT LEVEL EASTER MIXOLOGY!

To avoid getting shouted at by the Easter Bunny, we're only allowed to sell these over Easter weekend, so you'll need to visit your favourite Adventure Bar from Friday 29th March - Sunday 31st March to get yours! The Easter Bunny has provided a limited supply, so get yours quickly before they run out!

4. I know I promised you 3, but I decided to throw in an extra reason for good measure. Even though this is going to be a HUGE weekend, we've still got a few tables up for grabs if you're quick! Click on this link or call us on 020 7924 6055 to get yours now!

So just to recap...