A night out with Inception Group

A night out with Inception Group

The Londonlaunchettes were treated to a special night out with Inception Group this month. With venues located around Central London we were whisked off by the wonderful team to visit all of the venues in one night and experience their world. 

We started off at Cahoots, which is famously discreet and top secret, after wandering through the winding back alleys of Soho we finally came across an Underground sign tucked away in a corner – we had made it! As we walked down the wooden escalator we were immediately transported into the depths of 1940’s London underground as the ticket inspector met us to take our “luggage”. The bar is dimly lit with luggage racks and tube maps on the walls, further inside is an old-fashioned train carriage where you can sit and sip cocktails. The Londonlaunchettes are suckers for anything containing gin (or any alcohol for that matter) luckily we had come to the right place. With an array of cocktails served in tins, hip flasks and topped with old-fashioned sweets we were spoiled for choice.

After sipping on our delicious cocktails we headed off for our next stop - Barts. Barts is one of London’s secret hideaways, which is fast becoming the worst kept secret. Hidden inside an apartment block you come across a door with a speakeasy grate and you are asked to recite your password (given to you when you make a booking). Being eclectically designed with cartoons emblazoned on the walls, it also has a secret garden at the back in which you can drink cocktails out of large silver teapots and catch the last of the sun before heading inside to delve into the large fancy dress box and experience the extensive drinks menu.

Tea _Pot _Barts

With our tummies rumbling we headed for our next stop which was Bunga Bunga, nicknamed the Englishman’s Italian. Sipping on Prosecco we were treated to all things Italian, including charcuterie boards and enough pizza to make anyone explode, whilst all set to live music. Half way through dinner the speakers boomed loud music and the staff bounced onto the dance floor with infectious energy performing for the guests throughout the restaurant, easily drawn in we were soon cheering and clapping for them to keep going. Before heading off to our next location we were treated to after dinner cocktails that were served in mugs shaped like Super Mario and Mario Balotelli.

Londonlaunch _Bunga _Bunga

After dinner we were taken upstairs to see Cocobananas and after much protestation that us Londonlaunchettes had never been here before, suddenly memories came flooding back and we realised that in fact we had, albeit in a rather inebriated state. With an array of vibrant colours you feel as if you have been whisked into the bright and colourful world of a Latin American beach shack. With Christ the Redeemer looking over you and surfboards decorating the venue you can sit back and order cocktails from the Volkswagen camper van. 

Mario Ballotelli _Mario _Bunga _Bunga

Feeling suitably stuffed full of pizza we headed to Maggies where they were celebrating their 5th birthday. Donning purple visors we descended down the stairs inside where a live band was playing songs that make you want to sing at the top of your lungs, we may have been guilty of this a few times. Now, if anyone had a Breakfast Club obsession or any 80’s movies for that matter you will understand why this place is so much fun. If you felt hard done by in life for not having Ferris Bueller sing Twist and Shout in a spontaneous musical number or have Jon Cryer spin you around in the lunch hall, this is the place to do it. To complete the Maggies look you feel as if you should don large shoulder pads and excessive glitter makeup whilst reeling around the dancefloor.

Once we had danced and sung enough we ended our night at Beaver Lodge, based on the log cabins of Wyoming it embodies everything American. With cowgirls serving you drinks decorated with the American flag and cowhides adorning the walls you feel transported across the Atlantic Ocean without jumping on a plane! If you wish to spend the night dancing with an oversized Beaver or having some privacy in the hidden booths, Beaver Lodge offers the best of both worlds. 

After experiencing all of the venues and their unique concepts you feel as if you have fallen down the rabbit hole into wonderland. With each venue being different there is a place for every occasion, Inception are here to take you on a journey and make your event unique. For us at Londonlaunch it is hard to pick our favourite, so we will stick to visiting them all!


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Olivia x