All you need is 'Live'

All you need is 'Live'

“Live” as a media appears to be expanding

Robert Dunsmore, 04/04/13

I read recently a quote coming out of George P Johnson “digital has only served to grow the events and experiential industry”.

I might argue all media channels are becoming a blur, but I certainly agree with the “growth” or adjustment towards “Live” experiences tapping into an opt-in-choice based economy. 

In brand terms, a “Live” experience is akin to a marketing “Time-Machine”- a two way conversation, a spontaneous, interactive communication that offers a moment in “time” to get to know your audience, and your audience the ability to disseminate and build your brand in return.

There are lots of exciting options but I put to you that “event-full” is better than “event-less” and a “Live” media is better than a “Dead” media. Your audience is alive in a space that is multi-media - in particularly a digital blur – an event can create authentic moments so the power of the “Live” experience feels more personal, lasting and emotional.

So come together - start a conversation and keep it “Live”.


Robert Dunsmore, Creative director at SO Group. SO Group is one of the most influential exhibition and events companies in the UK; delivery partner to 88% of top UK organisers and preferred supplier to a third of the biggest venues in the country. We are passionate people who care about what we do and utilise our experience to create outstanding experiences.