An inspiring spring menu!

An inspiring spring menu!

The weather is finally warming up, melting the snow even up north in Scandinavia!

Here at Aveqia, spring has inspired us to create a menu full of fresh recipes using the best ingredients that are slowly starting to sprout and blossom.  During spring we invite you to create and enjoy the new menu featuring premium caviar from the Sweden’s northern village of Kalix, white asparagus, specially sourced British Lamb, and fresh rhubarb with traditional Tosca cake. 


Beef tartar with broccoli, a smoked emulsion and Swedish caviar

For a starter, we are serving a hand-cut strip sirloin tartar combined with salty Swedish caviar, smooth broccoli cream, flamed broccoli and pickled beetroot creating a explosion of flavours and textures. Preparing the starter, you will also be taught how to make home made salt and vinegar crisps and a smoked emulsion sauce.

Middle course

Seared sea bass with white asparagus, warm salad and celery mayonnaise

Our journey through spring continues with a crispy fried sea bass. Served with white asparagus, cooked the Swedish way, with a touch of sugar and lemon as well as warm barley and mixed vegetable salad. You will also be making vinaigrette of roasted tomatoes with garlic, chilli and champagne vinegar as well as butter-fried croutons for a touch of added crunch.

Main course

Herb-roasted lamb with a ramson cream, goat’s cheese croquettes and a smoked butter

This main dish showcases British lamb at its very best during this time of the year! It is cooked gently and basted with thyme, rosemary and garlic to bring out every flavour. The meat is topped with sourdough and smoked butter and served with spring onion confit, haricots verts and a crispy croquette stuffed with creamy goat’s cheese. Blending the fresh sharp flavours of ramsons and watercress, you will create a vibrant green crème to accompany the dish.


Rhubarb with Tosca cake, almond custard and Elderflower sorbet

We finish off the spring menu with a fresh dessert where the tartness of the rhubarb meets mild almonds. You will be making a traditional Swedish Tosca cake covered with crunchy almond toffee, almond milk custard and sugar tuiles. The dessert is served with a soft aromatic elderflower sorbet, contrasting the intense sweet flavours. 

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