Bounce opens a new venue!

Bounce opens a new venue!

On the 1st of this month we were invited to the opening of the new Bounce, which is located in the trendy area of Old Street. After the success of the Holborn venue, the opening night of Bounce Shoreditch was wildly anticipated! In our eyes, a night consisting of Ping-Pong and cocktails is a great one, how could we resist! If you are not familiar with what Bounce is, it is “Europe’s first and largest social ping pong club” and it is rapidly taking over the world – quite literally!

Just like the Holborn venue it is inconspicuous from the outside but once inside it is a hidden gem. Walking into the new Bounce is a breath of fresh air; it is bold, bright and visually exciting! Every wall is covered in UV graffiti, even the Ping-Pong tables are covered in graffiti, which got us really over excited, it must be the worlds most instagrammed table – guilty.

When you hear about London’s social Ping-Pong club you don’t expect to have a place as cool as this. The staff are brilliant and are experts are dodging Ping-Pong balls whilst bringing you a tray of drinks. Their menu has a vast array of choice, from fruity cocktails to craft beers, so you will be spoiled for choice. Just as we were settling into our cocktails the food arrived and with every type of pizza coming in our direction we couldn’t resist eating it all! Bounce has expert chefs who do wondrous things with a pizza oven but pizza is not the only thing you can get here, from sea bass to aubergine stew you will always find something for any occasion. Even their desserts are delicious; we highly recommend the warm brownie!


After drinking and eating we decided to have a go at some Ping-Pong and were quickly joined by two of the staff in fluorescent morph suits, they created a match with us and also gave us tips on how not to miss the ball! Bounce is known for its team building and if you don’t fancy scaling the high ropes 100ft in the air like my boss made me do – it resulted in tears - then I recommend Bounce for some tantrum-less entertainment (unless you’re really competitive, obviously).

Bounce is the place that accommodate everyone’s needs whether you are organising a conference, a Christmas party or even just a night out. Bounce should be at the top of your list. We had a great evening at Bounce and as always we cannot wait to go back!


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