Bringing back the magic to kosher catering and events

Bringing back the magic to kosher catering and events

An exciting new era for kosher catering has begun; Food Story (London) Ltd announces the launch of its new brand as a world class kosher caterer and party planning service in London. Food Story provides hand crafted events ensuring the very finest level of kosher dining and impeccable service is at the heart of every occasion.

The Food Story brand brings complete change to a kosher caterer (formerly Sobell Catering) with total new ownership, major new investment, new team, new kitchens, new menus and - crucially - new vision.

The new name represents a unique and dynamic approach to kosher catering. What’s more it seems that the Food Story team are relishing the opportunity they have to weave their fairytale magic back into the kosher catering industry.

Managing Director - Matt Rickard has joined from The Mandarin Oriental Group and formerly Absolute Taste, bringing with him the most exceptional hospitality credentials. Supported by Lucy Gemmell, Founder of Rhubarb and Executive Chef David Swann, formerly of Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck it is no wonder that Food Story are creating events and dining at the very highest level.

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Matt Rickard, Managing Director says, The entire Food Story Team is immensely proud of the transformation that the Company has gone through over the last 12 months and I am so excited to be surrounded by such culinary, operational and planning talent. We really feel that the next chapter has begun. With the team in place we can position ourselves in a totally different place in the market - offering truly fine kosher dining.” 

"We are taking a very different approach to events at Food Story too,” continues Matt. “For us, creativity is absolutely key. As important to us as incredible food and impeccable levels of service are, doing things that little bit differently is something that we are completely passionate about.”

Certainly Food Story’s culinary excellence is not in doubt, nor the Company’s creative flair. Food Story’s new menus are mouthwatering - filled with exciting influences from New York, Israel, the Middle East and Asia all created under the supervision of the KLBD.

It seems that anything is possible for Food Story right now. The team’s fresh new perspective has brought a magic back to kosher catering that has been missing in London for a while. Food Story’s clients agree. Bert Habib of Uptown Events says of Food Story, “We thought the food was stunning - in fact I would go so far as to say I don’t think I’ve experienced kosher food like it!”

This is a Food Story very much worth savouring...

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