Buoyant corporate 'Speakernomics' speaks volumes about UK business

Buoyant corporate 'Speakernomics' speaks volumes about UK business

Speakers Corner has produced ‘Speakernomics’, a series of insights on trends for speakers at events which mirror the economic landscape and underline the onus being placed on business events in society today.

One of the world’s leading speaker bureaus, extracted each enquiry logged with the agency between 2011-2015. Speakers Corner then drilled down the individual sectors which adopt the services of a speaker, along with their motive behind using such a resource.

In line with the wider UK economy, the research highlights a reduction in spend between 2011 – 2012, which then rallied by the end of 2013; a returning confidence saw strong trading in 2014, and a dramatic spike in enquiries. As such, this leads to a positive, but realistic projection for 2015.

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Despite austerity measures being put in place during the recession the key sectors utilising the services of outsourced speakers are:

·         Professional Services

·         Finance and Banking

·         Manufacturing

·         Construction and Property

·         Utilities

·         Retail

The facts also highlighted a move away from celebrity speakers in favour of commercially-focused presenters capable of delivering business messages which reflect an individual corporate's business strategy.  Speakers Corner analysed the demand of over 425,000 key skills, or topic areas, and underline the key motivators for engaging the services of a speaker to:

Innovate: Using the experience of a business presenter from another industry to demonstrate expertise, adversity and entrepreneurialism   

Involve: Maximising engagement with delegates by facilitating conversations, debate and panel sessions

Endorsement: Leveraging the profile of awards and rewards with popular figurehead 

Inspire: Using motivational speaker to talk on broad subjects that encourage better work/life/balance

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For a further breakdown of the data set which reflect the UK events market and wider economic outlook, visit:

Nick Gold, managing director at Speakers Corner said, "We have crunched nearly half a million pieces of data to come up with a true picture of who, how and why business speakers are used.  The days of punting out a big name are gone as event planner's need to coordinate for their delegates’ needs and the inevitable questioning by their internal governance processes. These figures stack up like a 'Speakeronomy' that marries our economic climate with the subjects that are discussed in the conferences and events across the UK and Europe"  

Industry specific 'Speakernomics' will be released over the next three months to highlight the varying demands of the UK's SIC-coded businesses.