Clean up your vocabulary!

Clean up your vocabulary!

It’s that time of year again where you see buds on the trees and people spring-cleaning their offices. It is also time to Spring Clean Your Mind by eliminating words that just don’t serve you.

Some words will be presenting you with limitations when what you really want is movement and success to achieve all your dreams.  

Yesterday, I heard someone say how they had ‘tried and couldn’t do it’ so they gave up. 'Trying’ is not good enough when you are an adult. Either you will or you wont ‘do' something.  Obviously, you won’t want to do things that are dangerous (well, some of you will) but do remove ‘ try ’ from your language and replace it with something like ‘I will do my best ’which is a much more positive stance to take. Trying sets up failure. Doing sets up success. 

A word that can cause confusion in your mind and so in your actions is ‘should’.  So often you will hear yourself saying ‘I should be thinner/brighter/more successful.’ Generally, you are repeating something that others think.  How long do you intend to live your life as others wish you to? Unless you are around kids, should ought not to be in your dictionary!

These are some starters for Spring Cleaning your communications. Words are fun no matter what stage you are in your life.  Be responsible (response able). Make sure what you say is what you mean.

Where there has been a trauma in your life, use words that will comfort you and others. Where there needs to be action, take strong steps to utilize your skills by choosing words that will propel you forward and not allow you to think that things are difficult.

Confidence and commitment shine from within and come from making your own decisions, not relying on someone else or old patterns. It makes for much faster communication, so why wouldn’t you do it? The clearer your intentions to yourself and others the better life you will have - and that’s guaranteed!

Carole Railton frsa

Global Behaviourist

07866 531400