Craft Beer Supper Club

Craft Beer Supper Club

Last Wednesday we were invited to the Royal Academy Supper Club: Craft Beer Tasting hosted by Peyton & Byrne held at Keeper’s House. Seated in the private dining room, we started dinner with an Italian Hop cocktail, made from wheat beer, maraschino liquer, Carpano, Cocchi and brightened up with a dash of lemon juice. Not being big beer drinkers both Georgia and I were intrigued by what the evening had in store but after the first sip, we were immediately won over.

Beer Cocktail

As the night got into full swing we were introduced to Alison who talked us through what we were to expect during the evening and discussed the origin of all the beers we were going to try. The first course arrived of slow cooked belly of Pork and in true Peyton & Byrne style it was presented beautifully with an array of colours and textures on the plate. This course was paired with three beers, Jaipur IPA, Fourpure Pale Ale and Siren Craft Undercurrent Oatmeal Pale Ale. All very different, Georgia and I followed Alison’s instruction to stir the beer with a spoon and then taste it, this technique makes the hops more prominent and you can decipher the ingredients better. 

Pork Belly

Moving onto the second course we had soft shell crab with avocado cream and citronette, alongside three more beers including two from Somerset - being a Somerset girl I will always be biased - they were flavoured with citrus fruits and were perfectly matched to the crab. Half way through dinner we were served a palate cleanser, Boon Kriek Cherry Lambic Beer. As I mentioned earlier I am not a beer drinker but this beer is second to none, served in a Champagne like bottle, it is light and fruity and has a gorgeous fizz in your mouth. Georgia and I couldn’t get enough and spent the rest of the night drinking it, I highly recommend trying it!

Soft Shell Cra

After our cleanser we were served the third course of beef brisket with roasted onion and black bean fasolada. We drank Anspach and Hobday Smoked Brown with this and Alison told us this beer is made in a historical was by being brewed over open fires and stored in Oak. This was not quite to our taste as we preferred lighter beers but when tried with the beef it was actually very nice!

BeefFinally, we finished with dessert, which was warm caramel chocolate fondant with meringue and rum raisin ice cream - it was so mouth-watering Georgia and I ate it in record time. The final beer was Kernal 1865 Export Stout and was far too strong for us but it was brilliantly matched with the chocolate dessert.

As usual our evening with Peyton and Byrne was brilliant, trying the beers and being treated to Alison’s extensive and impressive knowledge of the beers origin was a huge bonus.  We recommend you check out the supper clubs and Keeper's House as they are hidden gems in our big city! 

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Olivia x