CreateAV supports a 1920's Ball at the Grosvenor Hotel

CreateAV supports a 1920's Ball at the Grosvenor Hotel

Event Date - Saturday 24th January 2015 

Central London, The Great Room was transformed into a 1920's environment with CreateAV's sister company Set Creations, designing the set and lighting whilst the CreateAv team worked on the room sound with their engineer controlling the LS9 Mixer wirelessly via dedicated software on an iPad.

HD Projection was provided with cat-5 feeds to two relay screens on either side of the room allowing the 730 guests visibility throughout the event to the vintage movies played to the sound of an upright Yamaha piano, great tunes from 78 RPM a 22 piece band, speaker announcements and dancers to Charleston routines.

The evening was powered by D&B and Nexo Speaker systems to give a rich harmonic sound throughout the room, making the event a special and memorable evening.  



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