Derren Brown teams up with Contraband!

Derren Brown teams up with Contraband!

One of the most famous mind readers of present times, Derren Brown is known for his mesmerising mind tricks and psychological games

He works deftly with the audience in a jaw-dropping display of influence and unconscious control!

Since bursting on to our TV screens in 2000 with Derren Brown: Mind Control, Derren has released a number of different specials, large-scale mind trickery TV ‘events’, often involving audience participation (both in studio and at home), including Derren Brown… Plays Russian Roulette Live (2003), Séance (2004), Messiah (2005), The Gathering (2005, The Heist (2006), The System (2008), Hero at 30,000 Feet (2010), Miracles for Sale (2011), Apocalypse (2012) and Fear & Faith (2012). 

Derren has also presented a number of TV programmes across this time, investigating and experimenting with mind control and magic, including Trick of the Mind (from 2004-2006), Trick or Treat (from 2007-2008), Mind Control with Derren Brown (2007), The Events (2009), Derren Brown Investigates (2010) and The Experiments (2011). 

Four books have been released by Derren Brown, including Tricks of the Mind, which spent over 30 weeks at the top of Amazon’s best-seller list. This, alongside the more recent Confessions of a Conjuror, reveals techniques and discusses the psychology behind magic and hypnosis. He also discusses the psychology of mind-reading in a larger cultural and theological sense, touching on issues he discusses in his Messiah special.

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