Event videography top tips pt. 1

Event videography top tips pt. 1

Videographer Craig Murdoch discusses best practices for filming your events and conferences!

What needs to be filmed? If it's a conference, for best coverage there needs to be a minimum of two cameras, one on a wide shot and one on a mid to close shot. This setup can be managed by one operator. The operator will also need an XLR feed from the sound desk to plug into one of the cameras. A conference can be filmed and uploaded on the same day if required. This requires an onsite editor, cameraman and most importantly a decent Internet connection to Upload the footage to the internet.

If it is an event, generally, it can be covered by one cameraman, capturing the vibe, attractions and attendees. If interviews are required then an additional person would be required to ask questions and hold the microphone, this person can be provided by the client. Similar to the Conference videos can be uploaded throughout the day if required or edited the following day and sent to the client. It is ideal to have the videos up as soon as possible to keep it relevant. 

If you want a highlights video of the event, there needs to be someone watching the speeches and making timed notes relating to which clips are needed in the video. This allows the editor to quickly find the relevant clip and then include it in the edit.

For the highlights video it is advised to include shots including delegates signing in, talking, enjoying any attractions to help set the scene and show off the event. These shots would need another camera operator, which can be the onsite editor.

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