Event videography top tips pt. 2

Event videography top tips pt. 2

Videographer Craig Murdoch discusses the best ways to represent your brand in video and video distribution! 

Using logos in video is crucial!  It is important to have your brand logo at the front and end of the video. Supplying the logo early is important if any animation is required (logo animation would be an additional cost). The needed format for animating a logo is an EPS file which should have been provided when the logo was initially designed and built. If you do not require any animation then an EPS file is still ideal but a JPEG or PNG will suffice. Size of the logo is important: HD video is 1920 x 1080 pixels so a logo ideally needs to be as large as possible to maintain clarity.

How do you distribute a video? Where will the video be posted? If it is going into public domain, then music needs to be considered and there will most likely be a charge to obtain a licence. These aren't very expensive and ideally music will be decided before the event. If you are using YouTube etc. then make sure you supply the editor with login details so the videos can be uploaded quickly!

When contacting a videographer, have a clear idea of what you want the video to contain. Mention the important points, attendees to look out for, important speeches, attractions to show off. Guidance on the day is fine, but best results will be achieved if there aren't too many last minute surprises!

The final video will convey the atmosphere, importance and attraction of the event or conference. Filming delegates interacting, sharing a joke and socialising is an important part. Also capturing what the event is about, the scale and efficiency are all essential. Generally it is advised to keep the length of the video as short as possible; it needs to be exciting, informative and have an impact. We are all in a rush and video provides an immediacy and longevity to the viewer in a short amount of time.

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