Events & the real thing...

Events & the real thing...

One simple tip for technology at events – keep it “real-time”

Robert Dunsmore, 26/03/13

The power of your event is the authenticity of a face-to-face connection. Therefore, any data tools or technology you use to amplify the event should speak the same “language” and offer a mobile, fluid, matching experience. 

This is just the beginning, so you are going to have to give technology a chance. Think about it – the first iPhone launched only five years ago – when the Facebook domain was that of the college campus, the iPad and Galaxy S4 was years away, and nobody gave a hoot about a tweet.

OFCOM claim 76% of us now have fixed or mobile broadband access and SMARTINSIGHTS confirmed that nearly 1/3 of all UK page views are from mobile devices. In fact mobile web usage is set to outstrip fixed line desktop internet use in under three years – so if most of our daily tasks are becoming “second” screen experiences – don’t let your event get left behind.

Data without insight is just information. Employ simple professional tools to amplify and expand the connections at your event – feedback is too late - “live” real-time data will enable on the spot “action” to give your community “choice”.

Control your own data. Use a professional registration system you can manage yourself and allow exhibitors and contributors to personally invite and engage with their network at your event. Let your audience in – all the way, commitment is the key to a lasting relationship.

Provide lead management toolsets with “live” access to the pre-registration data. Participants can extend their conversations, qualify and connect before, during and after your event.

Constant contact – life is made up of moments, make your event their “energy” point but make the event part of a larger continuum before and long after the event. Measure and monitor everything “live” and act upon the insight to make it even better than the real thing.

I have a friend who says of WPP head Sir Martin Sorrell – “he’s always right”. In a recent interview he described the advertising media not as “mad-men” but as “math-men”. I’m with Sir Martin, metricize your media at all times – particularly when it’s the “real thing”.


Robert Dunsmore, Creative director at SO Group. SO Group is one of the most influential exhibition and events companies in the UK; delivery partner to 88% of top UK organisers and preferred supplier to a third of the biggest venues in the country. We are passionate people who care about what we do and utilise our experience to create outstanding experiences.