Evolution Dome Event Structure for London Freeze Festival

Evolution Dome Event Structure for London Freeze Festival

Festivals to do not come much more exciting than this one! The slopes are coming to London! The Freeze Festival is an original festival that celebrates skiing, snowboarding and music all in one amazing event. And as the festival is all about the slopes and music is there any better equipped company to provide the festival with a temporary event structure than Evolution Dome? We have long thought that Evolution Dome’s inflatable event structures would look stunning at any event on the slopes. It’s fair and honest to say that Evolution Dome’s inflatable event structures evoke an image of being ‘cool’ in the fashionable sense. The award winning Event Company’s structures do kind of mirror everything that resembles the slopes, skiing and snowboarding. Evolution Dome’s structures serve the event industry with space solutions. However, their structures have begun to create an iconic image that sets the bar on the future of event structures in the event industry.  Evolution Dome’s event structure should feel quite at home at the Freeze Festival!

Evolution -dome -freeze

Evolution Dome’s 10m inflatable event structure will be at this year’s Freeze Festival

The event structure from Evolution Dome will be used by the RAF who will be marketing themselves at the Freeze Festival. The 10m inflatable structure is just one of many temporary structures that Evolution Dome provide the event industry with. Predominantly their event structures are used for corporate events, product launches, marketing campaigns and exhibitions. The award winning event company based in Cambridgeshire and Benelux in Belgium have had experience in working with Festivals and music events in London too and also offer sound and lighting services.

Evolution Dome has gained a reputation for excellence in the event industry. This reputation has been set on the foundations of their belief in themselves to excel in helping companies to achieve greatness with their events. Their attitude that anything can be achieved has set them apart and seen them catapulted into working alongside some of the world’s biggest brands. In the past three years they have worked with the BBC, Nissan, Isuzu, Magners, Shell and Adobe, to name a few.

Evolution Dome’s event structures installed for Isuzu event.

The Freeze Festival takes place from the 27th November to the 1st of December at Clapham Common in London. Keep a look out for a stunning white inflatable event structure from Evolution Dome.

Visit Evolution Dome’s website  for more details. You can contact them on 0844 335 1933 or email