Fiat 500L Dealers Launch Event!

Fiat 500L Dealers Launch Event!

Working for such a high profile client as Fiat, Tebays looked for a partner with exceptional creative qualities and a history of delivering groundbreaking events

Having supported Tebays and Fiat with the launch of the Fiat Bravo and Fiat Punto Evo, MCL were their logical choice to partner with the dealer launch of the Fiat 500L, a five-door mini MPV based on the design of their flagship Fiat 500.

Looking for a new and innovative way to launch the 500L, MCL were able to demonstrate that 3D projection mapping could be utilised to deliver an incredibly dynamic crowd pleasing spectacle that would be the talk of the conference and vehicle launch.  Normally only found on far larger events, MCL took on the whole project including collaborating on the set design, story boarding, design of 3D content, and on-site execution including all technical elements.

Engaging our own in-house innovative design department, the Creative Hub, we were able to work closely with Fiat alongside Tebays to produce a 6 minute 3D projection mapping movie that told the evolutionary story of the 500, whilst highlighting its unique features.  Starting in the 50’s, the movie took the viewer through the history of the Fiat 500 before bringing it right up to date with the delivery of their newest model, the Fiat 500L.  Closing the projection mapping was a spectacular which emphasised the car in various mind states and situations. 

Utilising four HD projectors, our technical team were able to overlay the car in a seamless video mask which was perfectly mapped to the cars bodywork.  This meant that the vehicles exterior could be transformed by changing its colour, its wheels, turn the surface to glass, seeing a cutaway and filling it full of coffee, all in front of your eyes in an instant.

Alongside the vehicle launch, we also carried out a full conference which featured various zones and five different presentation stages which ran for the week, and was seen as the best vehicle dealers launch Fiat have ever had.

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